A guide to getting your nie number in Spain

The Idiots guide to getting a NIE NUMBER in Spain

The plain and simple facts and information about getting a NIE Number in Spain.

Time needed: 20 minutes

A step by step guide to getting your NIE NUMBER today

  1. First things first. Get your self onto the MY NIE Number website.

    Visit www.mynie.co.uk. MY NIE SPAIN is the worlds number 1 discount online NIE Number provider.

  2. Head over to the booking page

    After having a read of our home and NIE Number blog page head over to our NIE NUMBER bookings page here

  3. Choose a product. NIE NUMBER only or NIE NUMBER plus social security number

    Choose between getting a NIE Number only, or NIE Number plus social security number. Read what the difference between the two is here

  4. Complete the booking form

    We have made our NIE Number BOOKING FORM as simple as possible. you will be asked for your name, passport number, email and telephone and parents name. Our form is SSL Secure so you don’t have to worry about security our website is fully encrypted.

  5. Press the send button

    Once you have fully completed the NIE Number booking form and ensured all your details are correct press th send button. Make sure you get the success message before moving onto payment. You should receive an automatic email from us confirming your order within a minute. (check your junk mail)

  6. Complete the payment step

    Click on either of the PayPal links, NIE Number ONLY, OR NIE Number plus social security number. This will take you onto the secure PayPal gateway to pay for your NIE Number.

  7. Sit back and wait

    Sit back and wait for one of our staff to make your NIE Number booking and complete your paperwork. Once we have you booked you you will receive an email with your documents attached and a handy what to do next guide.

  8. Print the documents we emailed you

    In your confirmation email you would have found 3 documents attached. Your first document will be your Cita Previa (your booking at the police station in Spain), this will tell you the address of the police station, plus the date and time of your appointment. the second document will be your form 790 which we will talk about in the next step. Your third document will be your ex-15 or ex-18 which is your application form. once you print these off keep them in a safe place.

  9. Take form 790, the NIE Number Tax form to the bank

    Take the form with 790 printed on the top to the bank. Form 790 is used for paying your NIE Number tax. Take the 3 pages to any Bank Sabadell to pay at the counter. You don’t have to have a bank sabadell account to pay.

  10. Be prepared.

    Its best to do some research before your appointment to find out where the police station is, what the local parking ;and traffic is like and how long it will take you to get there. The Spanish police will not be accommodating if you are let for your appointment.

  11. Arrive at your appointment on time

    Its important that you arrive onetime of not early for your NIE Number appointment. On arrival you should show your Cita to the person on the desk and take a seat and wait to be called. In some cases you may also be given a numbered ticket.

  12. Called to the desk at the police station

    Once your called to the desk hand in your NIE Number paperwork, plus your two passport photos. The police4 person may ask you the reason you require a NIE Number: Respond with your reason.

  13. Return to collect your NIE Number

    The police will give you instructions on when to come back to collect your NIE Number, normally its a few hours latter but it can also be unto a week depending on how busy they Are.

  14. Put your NIE Number somewhere safe

    Keep your paper NUMBER somewhere safe. You will need to to buy property, a car, open a bank account ect.

  15. Tell your friends about MY NIE

    Don’t forget to tell your friends about our easy discounted NIE Number service.

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