What standard to my passport photo’s need to be for my NIE Number Application

Taking your passport photos to your NIE Number Appointment

pssport sized photos for nie number

When you go to your NIE Number appointment you will need to take two (2) passport sized photos.

These photos must meet the same criteria as the UK Passport sized photos. Below is our Guide to making sure your NIE Number photos are correct.


To get your NIE Number certificate and registration you need to have two passport sized photos which must be identical photos.

The photos for your NIE Number application must be:

*Your passport photos for your NIE Number application must measure 45mm (millimetres)  by 35mm wide which is the standard  size used in photo booths in the UK.

*Make sure your photos are printed the correct size. The photos can not be a cut down version of a larger picture

* If you decide to use a photo machine in Spain or the country you live in ensure it can give you photos that measure 45mm high by 35mm wide.

*Ensure your NIE Number application photos are  printed to a professional standard

*Make sure your passport photos for your application are  clear and in focus

*Your NIE Number passport Photos need to be in colour on plain white photographic paper with no border and without any creases or tears.

*Your passport photos for your NIE Number appointment must be unmarked on both sides (unless a photo needs to be countersigned)

*Your NIE Number Spain photos must be unaltered by computer software and be a close-up of your full head and upper shoulders. They must not contain any other objects or people.

*Make sure your photo is taken against a plain white, cream or light grey background and are in clear contrast to the background

*Its advisable so your NIE Number Spain photos are not rejected to have a plain expression and your mouth closed and have your eyes open and visible.

*Hair should not be in front of your eyes and you should not have a head covering, anything covering your face (unless it’s for religious or medical reasons)

*Photos with shade marks or ‘red eye’ will be rejected.

We recommend following the above information to avoid any problems at your NIE Number Spain appointment.

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8 thoughts on “What standard to my passport photo’s need to be for my NIE Number Application”

  1. Do you still need to take passport
    Photos to your NIE Number appointment I was told you don’t? Many thanks Stephanie (ps we have already booked in) NIE appointment two weeks time.

    1. Hi Stephanie we have been hearing this question a lot recently. To the best of our knowledge and we have looked in this you do still need to take two passport photos to your NIE Number appointment. I hope this helps. Lisa https://www.mynie.co.uk please let us know how you get on at your appointment.

      1. Hi Stephanie. Thanks for your message. Yes, all EU Citizens have the right to work abroad, but you must adhere to local regulations and rules. Every non Spanish foreigner working in Spain requires their NIE Number to be able to work. You will find most employers will not take you on without a NIE Number in place. You can book your appointment on our website today.

  2. I was told you no longer need to take passport photos with you. Please can you clarify if you need them for your NIE Appointment or not?

    1. Hi Ariel. I can confirm to the best of our knowledge you DO still need to take passport photos to your NIE Number appointment at the police station. Please let us know if they ask for them or not. Many Thanks, Lisa, https://www.mynie.co.uk

  3. Hi,

    I still have an old NIE without a photo and would like to have the new one.
    Can I also do this online or do I need to go to an office?

    Thank you.



    1. Hi Leontien. I think you are referring to upgrading your current white nie to a green card nie? Yes we can do this for you but you do have to attend the police station in Spain to show your passport and collect the card.


  4. Hi there !
    So I just need to bring passport and passport photos with the 3 copies of the forms you email me ? I read online I have to show I have a good bit of money to sustain myself. I do not have work contract as I will be self employed. I read online I also need the Receipt of paying the tax fee
    Proof of registering yourself at the city hall (Certificado de empadronamiento)

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