How to Pay your NIE Number ‘Form 790’ tax on a cash machine/cash point/ATM

Ideally you should pay your NIE Number tax in a Bank branch, however we understand this sometimes proves not so easy… Some banks only accept payments at certain times of the day or days of the week. Others, due to covid require you to make an appointment.

It is possible to pay your tax on a cash machine and the receipt from this is sufficient proof you have paid the tax. There are however some drawbacks from using the cash machine/point….

1.) The barcode scanner on the machine might not work and you may need to try several different machines to get this done.

2.) The machine may have run out of paper to print a receipt. Without the receipt you have lost your money… (This normally happens late on a Sunday when the banks have been closed all weekend) We suggest getting a mini stamens first to ensure the machine had paper in it.

3.) The cash machine can not give change so you will loose 0.36c

4. You will need to have a physical bank card.

How to use a cashpoint/ATM/Cash machine to pay your NIE Number tax step by step guide.

1.) Find a cash machine with a Barcode scanner. For the benefit of these instructions we use a BBVA Bank Cash machine. Click here to find a BBVA Cash machine near you..

2.) Change the language on the screen to English

3.) Insert your bank card (must be a link card)

3.) Enter your PIN number on the pad and click continue

4.) From the menu on the screen click


5.) Scroll though the list of Other services until you find


6.) The cash machine will then ask you ‘With payment document?’ or ‘Without payment document?’


7.) The Barcode scanner will now glow red. You need to scan the barcode on the top right of form 790 over the area. The barcode readers are not fantasticaly sensitive so you might need to do this a few times….moving the document up and down, left and right until the machine manages to read the barcode.

6.) Once the machine has detected the barcode and accepted it it will then ask you for a Tax Payer ID. This is in Theory when you would enter your NIE Number, but clearly you don’t currently have one. So enter the following code and press continue:


If this number does not work use Y4855921Z or contact us for another number

7.) The machine will now say ‘This payment is not in your name, do you wish to continue?’

Click: Yes/Continue

8.) The machine will now ask you for your first name. Enter your first name only

9.) The machine will now ask you for your first surname. Enter your Surname and press continue (no middle names are needed)

10.) The machine will now ask you for your second surname. Enter your Surname again and press continue

10.) The machine will now ask you for the amount. You need to enter 10.00 as the machine is unable to give change. You will loose 0.36c but you gain the benefit of using the cash machine. Click continue…

10.) The machine will now open up a slot for you to insert your 10 euro note.

11.) The screen will then show a review of the information. Click continue



  1. If your having problems using a cash machine try using a different one incase its a problem with that machine
  2. Did you put your first name, continue, surname continue, surname continue? It must be done in this order
  3. Did you type in 9.74 or 10.00? As most machines can not give change you will need to type in 10.00

Still having problems? call us on 0034 665556070

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4 thoughts on “How to Pay your NIE Number ‘Form 790’ tax on a cash machine/cash point/ATM”

  1. Hello! I have my NIE appointment tomorrow morning and I managed to pay the modelo 790 012 using an ATM through the barcode and the number you include in your article (Y4855921Z). The receipt does not include my name or surname because I used the barcode. Could that be a problem?

  2. The correct code is X0000001R

    Please enter this code in the NIE field when paying for NIE in the bank or ATM.

    You must make a payment before your appointment for NIE.

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