Can I open a bank account without a NIE Number in Spain?

Do I need a NIE Number to Open a Bank Account in Spain?

A question we get asked here at my NIE Number Spain is: Can I get a bank account without getting a NIE Number in Spain?

The answer is YES, but its so much easier with a NIE Number. Using our fast secure service getting your NIE Number booking in less than 24hrs. Visit our home page to read more or Click the book now button to place your order today.

Here are our top Banks in Spain that you don’t need a NIE Number to open a bank account.

Banc Sabadell

bank Sabadell no NIE Number required for bank account
You wont need a Spanish NIE Number to open a bank account with Sabadell. They also have an english helpline.

Bank Sabadell offers a non resident account which you don’t need your Spanish NIE for. Its a free account and can be opened same day.

Positives: Its Free

Negatives: Expect to wait up to 3 weeks for your card

Caixa Bank

Caixa bank account no NIE Number needed
You don’t need a Spanish NIE Number to get a bank account at Caixa Bank in Spain

Caixa bank also offers a Free no charge to Uk residents bank account with very little ID Required. You will need to show your passport and proof of where you live.

To live in Spain its much easier and convenient if you have your Spanish NIE Number. You will need it to buy a house, rent a property, register a car and a whole host of other monetary operations.


bbva no NIE Number required for bank account
You wont need a Spanish NIE Number to walk into any BBVA bank and open a Bank Acoount.

BBVA bank offer a number of Spanish Bank accounts that you don’t need a Spanish NIE Number to obtain. They also offer free accounts, online and mobile banking, no fee debit and credit cards and English telephone support.

Santander Bank Spain

Santander bank account spain no NIE Number needed.
You don’t need a Spanish NIE Number to open a Santander Bank account in Spain

You have two options with Santander Bank. You don’t need a NIE Number for either. Open a UK account with no NIE Number or open a Spanish non resident account with no NIE Number. Its really simple and you can up up online.

Bankia Bank Spain

bank bank no resident no NIE Number account
Looking to open a Spanish Bank account but don’t have a NIE Number? Its fine at Bankia Bank as you don’t need one as a non resident

Good News. You don’t need a Spanish NIE Number to open a bank account with Bankia. It offers a range of services including credit and debit cards, mortgages and No NIE number is required for a basic bank account.

Banco Popular Spain

no NIE NUMBER account banco popular
Need a Spanish bank account but don’t have a Spanish NIE Number? Banco Popular offers a number of services for people who don’t have a NIE Number in Spain. Either visit there website or call in at any high street branch

Need a Bank account in Spain but don’t have a NIE Number? You can either get your NIE Number by visiting our homepage, or with Banco Popular you don’t need a NIE Number at all to open a bank account.  Banco popular offer a range of services from simple bank accounts, debit cards and credit cards to mortgages and health insurance.

do i need a NIE NUMBER to open a bank account in spain
You don’t need a NIE Number in Spain to open a Bank Account.

We hope the list above will help you get a Spanish bank account without getting your NIE Number. But why not visit our home page today and see why getting your NIE Number is easy and fast.

What Else can you do without a NIE Number?

Buy a house or Flat: Without a Spanish NIE Number you can not buy a house, flat or Villa in Spain

Connect to the internet: Without a Spanish NIE Number some companies will not let you connect to there services such as wifi and landline telephone.

Register a car in Spain: Without your Spanish NIE Number you will not be able to register a car in Spain. Get your Spanish NIE Number today using our easy system.

Get car insurance in Spain: Without a Spanish NIE Number you will find it difficult to get a Spanish car insurance so its always best to get your NIE Number sorted quickly.

Work: You can not legally work in Spain without a NIE Number. Apply for your Spanish NIE Number as soon as possible so you cant start working straight away.



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19 thoughts on “Can I open a bank account without a NIE Number in Spain?”

  1. Hi, I’ve been trying to open a Spanish bank account but don’t have my Spanish Nie yet. I have made the appointment but it’s not until next month. What should I do?

    1. Hi Jackie. Thanks for your message. You can still go ahead and open a Spanish bank account without your Spanish NIE Number, it will be a non residents account. Once you have your NIE Number after your appointment at the police station go back to your bank and they can offer you much better accounts and offers than they can without your NIE Number. I hope this helps and thank you for using our service. Lisa.

  2. Hi, I want open a bank account in Spain I got nie and padranmento as well. What about the credit history will they pick up from uk or I have to rebuild it here. Thanks

    1. Hi Chris

      you can go to Sabadell bank without a NIE Number and ask for a non resident account but just be careful as these can be expensive…


  3. My daughter wants to live in Spain permanently, she works for a U.K. company. When she applies for her NIE does she also have to apply for a social security number or is just the NIE enough

  4. Hi, ive just checked Sabadell bank and their only one personal account for non residents – key account. What you mean by free account as it say:
    Account maintenance Maintenance
    Quarterly €35
    Total annual fee €140
    It might be updated recently and I didnt check other banks

    1. Hi Martin

      We can’t speak for the banks I’m afraid. They change there rules as and when they see fit. I would suggest shopping around for the best account 🙂


  5. Hi Lisa
    we need to apply for our NIE with a view to move permanently to Benidorm in early 2021. ( Covid halted our plans for 2020).
    We are not due to fly out until 16.11.20 for 4 days, would we be better applying now for an appointment, or leave it until nearer the time. While we are out in Nov we will be looking at long term let properties to rent,but have been informed we really need an NIE to get a rental contract and to set up utilities etc. Or would we be better getting the social security No at the same time together ( even though we haven’t secured work contracts yet) and could this be achieved in 3 days ( arrive Mon 16th pm & depart Fri 20th am) So it basically gives us Tue/Wed/Thurs to sort this out. Any advice or assistance greatly appreciated. Regard

  6. Hi I applied for and received an NIE number in 2018 unfortunately my wallet has been stolen with my nie card. I have a copy of the number but not the card, how do I get this replaced please thank you ? It was issued in Madrid but I am now in Valencia

  7. I’d like to get an NIE ; required along with a bank account apparently, to make an offer on a property owned by a bank (even though the offer may be rejected). Is there a police station in Vera I can go to as we currently can’t leave the municipality? Or does an appointment with the police allow you to leave? – if so where would be my nearest?

  8. HELLO,
    I applied for NIE from your site, but I also want to apply for NASS could you please help me with what is this and how can I apply for this?
    I request you to please give me a reply as soon as possible.
    many thanks in advance.

  9. Hello, I have a question regarding an account I have opened in a bank (Sabadell Bank) without a NIE. While opening, the bank employee requested my foreign (non-spanish) tax number. Since opening of the account I have been receiving some private money transfers on that bank account.
    Now I’m curious if the bank automatically informs the tax authority of the country of origin, that was used to open the account?

    1. Hi

      Your foreigner identity number is your nie.

      I can not speak for the tax arranges with your bank account.

      I hope this helps?


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