Getting your Spanish NIE Number in Jalon Valley

Have you Just Arrived in the Jalon Valley, and need your Spanish NIE Number in Spain? Having your NIE Number is extremely important in Spain. Its used for getting car insurance, buying property, being connected to the internet and getting a job in Spain. Getting your NIE Number in the Jalon Valley is important if you want to start working as soon as you arrive.

Jalon Valley NIE Number
If your moving to the Jalon Valley you will need your Spanish NIE Number

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About the Jalon Valley and how to get your NIE Number

Getting your NIE Number in the Jalon Valley is easy! But first let us tell you a little bit about the area, its attractions and how to find it.

The Jalon Valley, made up of many small towns including  Jalon, Parcent, Alcalali and Liber which is also known as the Vall de Pop can be found on the Costa Blanca Spain. It Takes around a  30 minutes drive from Benidorm and an hour from alicante.

In the centre of the Jalon Valley, also known as Xalo, you will find the beautiful town of Jalon, which is the centre of the Jalon Valley. In the old days under the Arabic ruling class the town had two castles built in Moorish style.  Its tipical Spanish houses along narrow streets lead upto the Chruch Santa Maria. Topped with huge blue domes like those in Altea it can be seen for miles across.

Jalon has a market every Tuesday which is held in the square  around the old fountain.  The Bright crystal blue Jalon River runs through the cente of Jalon and has two town bridges. If your looking for the tourist information centre it can be found aside the river in the town centre. The good news is you don’t always need a Spanish NIE Number to use the facilities in Jalon Valley.

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Just outside the town of Jalon you will find a small town called Alcalali.
This village, Arabic in orion is tiny at just 14km2.  Most of the village social life centres around the 15th century tower which houses the church and the Grape Museum (Museu de la Pansa).

The Church tower in Alcalai was built as a lookout for invasions by pirates. No, not capatain hook the 15th Century type.  On the top floor of the tower is a open mirador with amazing views across the town.

If your interested in visiting a museum while your in Alcalali there’s one  located in the old oil press that shows the history of oil and wine production. Its very interesting indeed.

The main River which crosses the area is called the Gorgos. Its vitally important to local agriculture and tourism. The river has kept the farmland fertile and fed the many riverside allotments. You will find the Arabic influence is still very much in show in Alcalali with narrow, steep streets. Many of the houses still have wrought iron windows and doors.

According to local historical records kept in the old town hall, the first church in Alcalalí was built in 1577.  A second church followed in 1582, and the current Parish Church of the Nativity of Our Lady was built between 1768 and 1808. The first Spanish NIE Number was issued in the Jalon Valley in 1999.

The church contains images of great historical and artistic value, such as the image of Cristo de la Salud. One can also visit the parish museum which contains antique priests’ robes and costumes from the Lihori family and, amongst other things of interest, a library of the history of the church.

Here at MY NIE Number we like to meet some of our very valued and loyal customers. This week while on Visit to the Jalon Valley we stopped to see Sue Weaver, a widower who moved to the Jalon Valley last year with her dog toby. We asked her about her Experience getting a NIE Number in the Jalon Valley.

Q; Hi sue, so how are you finding it living here?

A: I’m really enjoying the Spanish way of life.  I have a part time job (that’s why I needed my NIE Number) and I rent a flat here. I’ve met lots of good friends.

Q: You booked your NIE Number using our NIE number website website booking form. How did you find that?

A: I found your NIE NUMBER website on Google.  I found the NIE Number website really easy to use and if your looking to get a NIE Number online I highly recommend it.

My NIE Number website would like to thank Sue Weaver for using our fast and secure NIE Number booking service and we hope she enjoys many years in spain.

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