Getting your NIE Number in Arcos de la Frontera, Andalucia

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Getting a NIE Number inArcos de la Frontera
You don’t need your Spanish NIE Number to visit Arcos de la Frontera

Here at MY NIE we like to go traveling around and meet some of our valued customer. This week we went to visit mother and son team Jakie and Stewart to find out how using our service they managed to get there NIE Number and open a bar in Arcos de la Frontera, Andalucia.

White villages (known as the pueblos blancos in spain)  in Andalucía are common place but the Arcos de la Frontera, Declared a national historic-artistic monument in 1962 is  perched high on a hill side really does set the Spanish seen beautifully.

Boasting whitewashed town houses and  huge stone walls backing up to a  sheer cliff face  the town looks down to the river Guadalete below.

The impressive looking old town with cobbled streets and quirky houses and cafes lead you up to the castle (Castillo de los Arcos) where you can find an impressive view over the hills and mountains.

The town is no buzzing tourist or industrial hub there days but  during its time under the Moors it was one of its most successful towns in the area.

We asked Jackie and Stewart there thoughts on our service

Q: So guys, you used our service to get your Spanish NIE Numbers in  Arcos de la Frontera. How did you find the service? Did you Find the NIE Number booking website easy to use?

A: We loved your service! It was so quick and simple. We needed our Spanish NIE Numbers urgently as we had jobs lined up but couldn’t start until we had our paper NIE Certificate. We got a phone call within 20 minutes of placing the order which we was surprised and by the next day we was booked in at the Police Station. We had our Spanish NIE Numbers in 4 weeks from the date we placed our orders.

Q: Would you recommend our NIE Number service to other people?

A: Yes, we certainly would. There’s so many Company’s on the web offering the service to get your Spanish NIE Number, but your website was the cheapest and fastest and we found it really easy to use.

Q: How do you find working in Spain now you have your NIE Number?

A: Now we have our Spanish NIE Number paper certificate its much easier for us to get jobs. Unfortunately the bar Stewart was working in closed down so he needed to get another job, and fast. As he already had his NIE Number this made the whole process much easier.

Q: Do you think a lot of Ex-pats moving to Spain Fully understand the process and why they need a NIE Number?

A: Jackie replied: No, we think a lot of people are confused about how to get a NIE Number in Spain. That’s why we liked your website so much as it made the process so quick and simple.

Q: How was your experience at the Police Station when you went to get your NIE Number?

A: We was a little nervous at first to be honest. The police station was busy. Thank you for the map you sent us it made getting to the Police station much easier, we would never have found it otherwise.  Once we was called up we gave in our paperwork and showed our passports. We was told to come back in the afternoon and our Spanish NIE Number was printed off waiting for us to collect. We was very happy.

Q: Did any of the NIE Number process surprise you?

A: We was surprised how quick we got a phone call from MY NIE. it was really quick within 20 minutes. So many people had mentioned that the NIE Number is a green card so we was surprised it was printed on A4 paper. We looked back at the website and did notice you say it is not a card.

Q: Now you have your NIE Number where do you keep it?

A: Now we have our numbers we keep a photo copy on us all the time and we also have a photo of the certificate on our phones.  Our original NIE Number certificates are kept in the safe in case we need them for official use one day.

We had a lovely afternoon with Jackie and Stewart talking about there NIE Number experience in Arcos de la Frontera . We wish them every luck with there new life in Spain.



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