How did MYNIE website start? Did we do our own NIE Numbers? was commissioned in early 2017. When we moved to Spain the list of jobs to do seemed endless. Getting our NIE Numbers was a priority for us.

We read up online how to fill in the forms and make the online appointment for our NIE Numbers at the police station. We were still baffled and to be quite honest didn’t have a clue what we was doing. In the end we paid £210 for a solicitor to do the paperwork and book our appointment.  Although costly, at the time this was a god send and we really appreciated the help.

After living on the Costa Blanca in Spain for a few months we released just how many British people moving to Spain had the same problem. Passing on our wisdom and telling people how to fill in the forms and book the appointment seemed to confuse people more.

There are many websites on the internet offering NIE Numbers, and some can be very costly. The highest price we have heard anyone pay is £300 per booking. This is extortion at best.  We have tried to balance the cost of running our website with a sensible price for our service. We Charge £20 which covers our overheads and the running and development side of the website.

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