You cant get a NIE Number on a Spanish National Holiday

NIE Number offices closed on National and local Holidays 2019 Spain.

If you are starting to plan dates for coming to Spain to obtain your NIE Number in 2019 (which would involve applying for your NIE number/Certificado at the National Police Station/Comisaria de Policia or Foreigner’s Office/Oficina de Extranjeria) it is wise to remember that Spain has an above average number of both National and Local Holidays.

During these times the Police stations will be closed and you will not be able to obtain your NIE Number.

Spain’s National holidays are celebrated on the same date each year, regardless of whether they fall on a weekend or a week day when the whole of Spain will be on holiday unlike the Regional holidays when it will only be the that particular province.

It is important to take these dates into account because most Government offices and some Police Stations responsible for issuing your NIE numbers/Certificados will be closed. They may also close for what the Spanish call their “Puente” days or as we would say, a “bridge” day.

This is when the holiday falls for example on a Tuesday or Thursday and the Monday or Friday is then taken as holiday as well, giving a nice long weekend! Only in Spain!

As well as the Police Stations and town halls , shops, banks and many other businesses will close for the National Holiday. The majority of restaurants and bars will remain open.

Check out our list of National Holidays below before booking your NIE Number appointment to avoid disappointment.

1 Jan        New Year’s Day      (National)

6 Jan        Epiphany    (National except Basque Country & La Rioja)

7 Jan        Epiphany (Holiday Andalusia, Aragon, CanaryIslands, Castile and
Leon, Ceuta, Extremadura,Madrid, Melilla &Navarre)

28 Feb     Andalusia Regional Holiday

1 Mar      Balearic Islands Regional Holiday

19 Mar    St Joseph’s Day Basque Country, (Castile-LaMancha, Murcia, Navarre)

18 Apr     Maundy Thursday (National except Cantabria,Catalonia & Valencia)

19 Apr     Good Friday (National)

22 Apr     Easter Monday (Balearic Islands, Basque Country, Castile-La Mancha,
Catalonia, La Rioja, Navarre & Valencia)

23 Apr     Aragon Regional Holiday

23 Apr     Castile and León Regional Holiday

1 May      Labour Day (National)

2 May      Madrid Regional Holiday

15 May   San Isidro (Madrid)

17 May   Galician Literature Day

30 May   Canary Islands Regional Holiday

31 May   Castile-La Mancha Regional Holiday

9 Jun      Murcia (Regional Holiday)

10 Jun    La Rioja (Regional Holiday)

13 Jun    San Antonio

20 Jun    Corpus Christi, (Castile-La Mancha)

24 Jun    St John’s Day (Catalonia & Valencia)

25 Jul     National Day of Galicia (Galicia)

25 Jul     Saint James’ Day (Basque Country)

28 Jul     Day of the Institutions (Cantabria)

5 Aug     Our Lady of Africa (Ceuta)

12 Aug    Eid al-Adha  (Ceuta & Melilla)

15 Aug    Assumption of Mary (National)

2 Sep      Day of Ceuta Ceuta

8 Sep      Asturias Regional Holiday (Asturias)

8 Sep     Extremadura Regional Holiday  (Extremadura)

8 Sep     Our Lady of Victories (Melilla)

9 Sep     Our Lady of Victories Holiday (Melilla)

9 Sep     Extremadura Regional Holiday   (Extremadura)

11 Sep    National Day of Catalonia  (Catalonia)

15 Sep    Cantabria Regional Holiday  (Cantabria)

17 Sep     Day of Melilla (Melilla)

9 Oct       Valencian Regional Holiday (Valencia)

12 Oct    Fiesta Nacional de España (National)

1 Nov     All Saints’ Day (National)

9 Nov   Virgin of Almudena  (Madrid)

3 Dec   San Francisco Javier (Navarre)

6 Dec  Constitution Day (National)

8 Dec    Immaculate Conception National (except Basque Country, Canary Islands,Catalonia, Ceuta & Navarre)

9 Dec    Immaculate Conception Holiday (Andalusia, Aragon, Castileand Leon, Extremadura,La Rioja, Madrid& Melilla)

25 Dec  Christmas Day National (except Murcia)

26 Dec    St Stephen’s Day (Catalonia)

Please note: Your Local NIE Number office will be closed on National and Local Holidays so please plan your trips around these dates.


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    1. Hi Daisy. Unfortunately most police stations are only open Monday -Friday for NIE Number appointments. Please feel free to contact us using the contact us form for more information.

  1. I have my nie number but above it shows its on a bank holiday??? Is there any way to check this I’m at Malaga police station on the 18th April

    1. Hi Rose, I cant find a record against your email address so I don’t think we booked you this appointment? Unless we booked your NIE number appointment its very hard for us to look into this for you.

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