What is the Difference between a NIE, TIE, NIF in Spain?

The difference between a NIE Number and a NIF and TIE Number Spain.

The difference between the 3 different types of Tax Numbers (NIE,TIE,NIF) in Spain is reasonably simple.

NIE Number Spain: A NIE Number is issued to a EU citizen.  You can book your NIE Number appointment through our website

TIE Number Spain: A TIE Number is issued to non EU residents who wish to work or buy property in Spain. Its similar to a NIE but you also get an identity card. Book your TIE Number appointment today

NIF Number Spain: A NIF Number is used to Spanish Citizen as their tax identification number. A NIF Number is not issued to non Spanish Citizens.

Here at my NIE Number Spain we can obtain your NIE Number or TIE Number. Visit our home page today to read more of book using our secure booking form.

What our NIE Number Expert Lisa Says:

After Brexit it is thought British Citizens will need to apply for a TIE Number and NOT a NIE Number.  These plans have not been announced yet, however we will update our blog as soon as we know.

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13 thoughts on “What is the Difference between a NIE, TIE, NIF in Spain?”

  1. Hi, are we able to get an appointment before we are in Spain? We are due to fly to Murcia on the 1st Ocotber and would like to get the ball rolling.

  2. hi im hopefully flying to spain on the 27th i have a NIE number and own a property would i still be able to go ty er,

    Please be advised that only Spanish and Andorran citizens or Residents of Spain/Andorra who are in possession of either a Spanish national identity card, Spanish passport or Spanish residence card and have the necessary QR Code or paper PLF and Negative Covid19 test (PCR/TMA/RT-LAMP) conducted 72 hours prior arrival or is transiting will be permitted to travel.

    Non nationals or residents will not be allowed to board flights from the UK to Spain

  3. Hi I have an NIE number and own a property in Spain. I am from Northern Ireland and therefore have dual nationality. I have both British and Irish passports. Do I need to apply for a TIE number

  4. I have owned a house in spain for 10 years and like everyone else have paid all taxes / non resident / suma / Spanish car / and bought house can l get a TIE which would allow me to stay longer if needed we would have our own travel insurance and are self reliant
    Could you please let me know Chris

  5. Ciao, sono residente in Italia da tutta la vita ho la carta soggiorno illimitato italiano, vorrei trasferirmi a Barcellona e lavorare lì; per fare ciò devo richiedere il NIE o il TIE?

  6. Hi Lisa,

    I am British citizen and I’m married to a Spanish lady ( Spanish nationality) , both living in the UK at the moment but planning to move to Spain in a few months, Do I need a TIE card?
    Many thanks

  7. Hola, Imam NIE broj i i znajmio sam apartman u Camarlesu. Dizajer sam keramike. Želio bih otvoriti obrt za prodaju suvenira u Španjolskoj. Koji je postupak za otvaranje obrta. što sve moram imati od papira

  8. Bom dia, Lisa!
    Sou brasileira, casada com Irlandês, vivemos em Valencia e ja temos o NIE formato A4. Devemos aplicar para o TIE ou não é necessário?

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