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I’m a Ex-Pat: What is a Spanish NIE Number and why do I need one?

The Spanish NIE Number, also known as the Numero de identidad de extranjero is a Tax identification number in Spain for non nationals (expats). If your a Ex-pat planning on staying in Spain for longer than 3 months, or wish to buy a property in Spain you will need a NIE Number. If your a EU National you will need a NIE Number but non Eu Nationals will get a TIE number

You will need a NIE Number if you are an EU expat or not.

What is a EX-Pat?

What The word expat is a contraction of expatriate, which derives from the Latin word expatriatus. In medieval times, an expatriatus was someone who had left his or her home country to live somewhere else.

In today’s world an expatriate is exactly what is says on the tin; a person who lives in a different country than that which they were born and brought up in.

It is generally thought expatriates are considered to be people who are residing in their host country temporarily, with the ultimate intention of returning home at a later date.

In recent times, more and more Ex-pats have left their home country and found that they can experience a higher standard of living and a better of quality of life abroad and, for this reason, many of them never return home.is an Ex-Pat? Are you an Ex-pat and need a NIE Number?

Reasons why you might want to get a NIE Number in Spain if your an EX-PAT

Work in Spain

Buy a Property in Spain

Inherit money in spain

Open a Bank Account

Start a Business

If you are a british Ex-pat and have a NIE Number the Benefits are numerous.  You will be able to use the Spanish health system free of charge and will not need health insurance.

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