What to do Next to Get my NIE Number


How long to get a NIE Number in Spain?

If you have been sent the Link to this page you should have by now received your NIE Number Paperwork (3 pdf documents). (If you have opted for, or it is the only option in your area for a walk in appointment you will only have two forms)

If you have landed on this page and do not already have a booking/NIE Number please visit our Homepage to read more about our Service.

Below we give some General advice. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY.

***Due to a fault on the police pdf form 1 digit maybe missing from your date of birth. Please add the extra digit if needs be  with  black pen before your appointment.  Please open these documents on a PC/Laptop to print and do not send to print directly from your mobile phone as it may cut important information off the bottom of each page and in some cases make the form appear blank.

3 in 10 NIE Number applications are on average refused at the police station because people have not followed the instructions….

We have sent you 3 forms via email (please check your spam or junk mail):

1.) The first form (normally your surname followed by number 1) is your booking receipt (CITA) for the Police Station. You need to print a copy of this and take it with you on the day of your appointment. This form shows your appointment time, Date and address of the Police Station.

2.) The Second form (790), Normally saved as your Surname plus the number 2, is the form you need to pay the Government tax at the Bank. You need to print 1 copy of this form, take this to a national bank (Bank Sabadell if possible) and pay the fee. PLEASE ENSURE THE BANK WORKER STAMPS AT LEAST ONE DOCUMENT. (This form is made up of 3 pages, 2 of which are identical. You need to print all 3) You need to go to the bank and pay the tax before your appointment.

 >>>>>>>>>PLEASE READ <<<<<<<<<

Click here to read more about problems you may face when trying to pay your NIE Number Tax

3.) The third form is called your EX-15 (your surname plus 3) .  This is your main NIE Number application form.  You need to print 2 copies of this two page document (4 pages).

If you live in an Area which only offers joint residency/NIE at the same time you will have been sent a EX-18 instead of a EX-15.

If you have ordered our Social security number service as well (T1 FORM) this will be provided once you have your NIE Number. As soon as you have your NIE Number CLICK HERE to send it to us we will insert this into form T1 and send back via email. Please do NOT send photos of your NIE or any other documents to us. Social security numbers are only issued using this form.

You may notice we have left some sections of your NIE Number forms blank. This is either because its inapplicable to your application, or due to regional differences in how the form should be completed.  We recommend taking a BLACK BALL POINT PEN with you on the day of your appointment if further sections need to be completed.

TOP TIP: Get there on time, and if possible up to an hour before your appointment time. Check out parking near the police station the day before if driving there. The police will not be sympathetic if you miss your appointment.

Please do not sign the Forms. The police officer will ask you to sign on the day of the appointment.

The location of your appointment and opting for an out of town location. 

PLEASE READ: You should have your appointment in the nearest police station to where you live/work however sometimes due to the long waiting times you might opt to have your appointment in the next town along or travel to another city completly.

If you are traveling to another area to obtain your NIE Number we would have provided a local registered address on your paperwork to that police station.  This is ‘your address’ for the purpose of your application for the day. The provision of an address is only for the catchment area of each police station it wont be linked to your NIE number.

The police will refuse your NIE Number application if they are made aware you have traveled from another province. The Spanish police do not like doing the work of another area 🙂

Telling the police about your journey down wont be helpful to your application…

Now its over to you….

It is your responsibility to prove why you need a NIE Number to the police. The levels of proof in each region vary greatly and can sometimes be down to the individual officer on the day of your appointment.

Please note: We can only book your appointment and complete your forms.  It is your responsibility to provide the proof required to obtain your NIE Number, find the police station and turn up on time.

The proof you need to take depends on your reason for application. 

Below are a few examples, but we recommend taking every piece of possible proof with you, including if needs be the kitchen sink and next doors cat! We have seen people turned away for insufficient proof every week. Most area’s you just show your passport and the documents owe have provided but some area’s require:

Passport (photo copies of inside two pages as well)

2 Passport sized photos (may or may not be used)

Tenancy agreement or letter from estate agents with tenancy offer.

Bank Statements

Work contract (or pre contract)

Proof of pension

Birth certificates

If your from the UK your National Insurance number

The amount of proof you take is optional but the more you take the greater your chances of getting a NIE Number the same Day. Less proof is required for EU National than non EU Nationals. Been refused a NIE Number by the Spanish Police? Click here.

There will normally be a translator onsite at Police stations who mostly deal with British speaking people, however we can not guarantee this.

Most NIE Number certificates are issued the same day.

However… We can never guarantee this! It is the discretion of the police as and when they issue the certificate.

You maybe asked to come back the next afternoon or in some rare cases a few days latter to collect your NIE Number certificate. If your traveling to a station please keep this in mind.

A few phrases you might like to learn are below:

Hello! I would like to apply for NIE number = Hola ! Me gustaría obtener mi número de identidad de extranjero (NIE) .

Where can I submit my NIE application? = ¿ Dónde puedo inscribirme?

I have an appointment to get my NIE = Tengo una cita para obtener mi número de identidad de extranjero (NIE).

We wish you every luck with your appointment. Please let us know if you have any problems.  Once you have your NIE Number the next step is to apply for residency. As an existing customer we offer this at a discounted rate. Please note: You can not apply for residency until you have your NIE Certificate.

Click here to read more about our residency Special Offer 

Kind Regards

Lisa & The Team @ MY NIE NUMBER SPAIN.



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