Have you been Refused a NIE NUMBER at your appointment?

refused a NIE Number at Police station
Have you been refused a NIE Number at your NIE Number appointment?

Refused a NIE Number? One of the most frustrating aspects of the Spanish NIE Number system is that although you have your CITA PREVIA appointment booked at the police station, you have your NIE Number paperwork completed and you arrived on time in the right place, The Police may still Refuse you a NIE Number

Why was I refused a NIE Number?

A person running late for NIE Number appointment
Refused a NIE NUMBER because you was running late?

The most common reason for being refused a NIE Number in Spain is not turning up on time.  We recommend all our customers turn up at least 30 minutes before the appointment time, an hour before is even better.  Ensure you know where to park your car before hand.

Fact: 2 in every 10 NIE Number applications are refused on the day

The second main reason for being refused a NIE Number is not having the correct proof to prove why you need a NIE Number. Below we have set out some reasons why you might be applying for a NIE.

I want to buy a car: You will need a letter from the seller or dealership saying you are buying a car. If you can not prove you are buying a car your NIE Number application maybe refused. Buy a Car In Spain information.

I have a job: You will need a letter from your employer saying that you have been offered work. If you can not prove you have a job offer your NIE Number application maybe refused. Get a Job in Spain information.

I’m Buying a house: You will need a letter from your solicitor or estate agents stating this or your NIE Number application maybe refused. Buy a House in Spain information.

I’m going to retire in Spain: Ideally you will be able to provide proof of funds, bank statement, letter from accountant ect. Retire in Spain Information.

Here at MY NIE NUMBER SPAIN ensuring you do not get Refused your number on the day is our main priority.  When we send you your paperwork we will also send you a list of documents you are required to take with you based on your personal circumstances.

This angry woman was refused a NIE Number

Ready to book your NIE Number appointment online? Use our easy English booking form and get your NIE Number appointment in less than 24hrs.

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6 thoughts on “Have you been Refused a NIE NUMBER at your appointment?”

  1. I went to my NIE NUMBER appointment this morning and got turned away because I didn’t have my British social security number. Is this Normal?

    1. Hi Levis. Thank you for your message. Unfortunately the amount of proof required to get your NIE NUMBER in different regions varies greatly. If you would like us to book you a new CITA Previa appointment please use our online NIE NUMBER booking form and we will get you booked in as soon as possible. Many Thanks, Lisa

  2. I was also refused a NIE Number. Now I seem to be stuck in a loop. I cant get my NIE Number without a Job, and I cant get a job without a NIE Number. What can I do? I’m thinking of going back to the UK.

    1. Hi Bridget. A lot of people have been refused a NIE Number for this reason. Please drop us a message via our contact form and we can have a chat further about what sort of proof you need to provide to the Police for your NIE Number. Many Thanks, Lisa

  3. Hi, I’m French national and UK resident. My company sent me to Madrid for 1 year on a secondment. That’s a month now and everywhere I go I’m asked for the NIE. I booked the appointment, paid the tax went to the police and they told me everything is good and to come back a week later (with the document they gave me) to collect my NIE.
    I went today and they simply gave me a letter saying they do not grant me the residence. No explanation, no help, nothing!
    I don’t get it. I asked for the NIE so I can get a Spanish mobile phone, internet, etc… and they come back talking about the residence when I didn’t ask for that.
    What I am supposed to do now?
    Thanks, Matt

    1. Hi matt. Its very likely you applied for the wrong NIE Number appointment. There are two types of NIE Number appointment in Barcelona depending on your situation. the best thing to0 do is to give our NIE Number helpline a call on 0034 665556070 and they will be able to help you.

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