NIE Number Application Form in English

Moving to Spain? Opening a bar? Getting a job? Buying your dream home? Or Just need to open a bank account? Then the first thing you will need is a NIE Number.  The problem is all the forms are in Spanish and you need the NIE Number forms translated into English.

NIE Number Application forms Translated into English

To obtain your NIE Number in Spain there’s 3 main application forms you need to fill in. These are the CITA PRIVA NIE Number booking form, the EX-15 and the form 790 . 

Form 1: The CITA PRIVA website form

This form is used to book your NIE Number appointment. A good Standard of reading Spanish is required to complete this form correctly. If you do not feel confidant to fill in this form your self please use our form and we will do this for you.

Form 2: NIE Number form 790

This form is known as the, Tasa modelo 790 Código 012.
Reconocimientos, Autorizaciones y Concursos, in Spanish. This form is used to pay your government NIE Number fee. This form MUST be completed correctly. If you have a form translated into English this will not be accepted at either the bank or the Police Station.

Form 2: NIE Number form EX-15

This is your main application form for your NIE Number appointment.  This form can be quite complicated and ensuring it is completed in correct Spanish is important.  Forms EX-15 translated into English will not be accepted at the Police Station.

None of these forms are automatically translated into English. All forms must be submitted in Spanish.

NIE NUMBER Forms translated into English wont be accepted at your appointment.

All these forms are written in Spanish. Please note: English translated version of the forms will not be accepted at your NIE Number appointment at the Police station.  All your NIE Number application forms must be completed in Spanish.

Here at MY NIE Number Spain we can fill in all the forms for you in Spanish and book your appointment at the police station.  Once we have booked your appointment and filled in both your NIE Number application forms,  one of our representatives will get in touch and tell you what to do at the police station in Spain.  We will also include our handy e-book guide.

nie number form in english

Click here to book your NIE Number appointment in English

Ensuring your NIE Number application forms, EX-15 AND 790 are filled in correctly is vitally important.  If you make a mistake on your Spanish application form you maybe refused an NIE Number at the police station. We do not recommend filling in the forms your self unless you are 100% confidant you know how to fill them in properly.

english nie number application form


If you need your NIE Number Spain Fast we recommend filling out our Fast and secure booking form today and one of our representatives will get back to you within 24hrs with your booking time and your completed paperwork.

How to translate the NIE Number forms into English

Translating the Spanish NIE Number forms into English is possible using Google Translate, however we do not recommend submitting your NIE Number forms your self unless you are 100% confidant. If you fill in the translated forms wrongly you could be sent away from your NIE Number appointment and not receive your certificate. This will mean booking a new appointment.

get your nie number form in english

How do I fill in the Spanish NIE Number forms?

Here at MY NIE Number for a small fee of £20 we will fill out all your paperwork, book your appointment and send you all the details.  All you need to do is turn up at the police station at the time we provide you and hand in the paperwork we have completed for you.  Click here to book your NIE Number appointment today!

How to get a Spanish NIE Number in English

I filled in my name wrong on the Spanish NIE Number booking form website. What Can I do?

If you have filled in the Spanish NIE Number application form on the booking website incorrect this can be a nightmare. In Spain you can only have 1 CITA PRIVA appointment at a time. Most of the time its possible to use the cancelation button on the website to cancel your appointment but please be aware that sometimes this function is not operating. As such you may need to wait until after the appointment date you was allocated to re-book.  The Spanish police generally require the forms to be filled in correctly. They are unlikely to be sympathetic to any mistakes.

I tried to translate the NIE Number  forms into English and made a mistake, can you correct them for me?

Here at MY NIE Number Spain we can fill out all your NIE Number forms and email them back to you to print.  Just use our easy English Language booking form at and one of our team will fill in all the forms in Spanish and Email back to you to print.

Why are the NIE Number forms in Spanish and Not translated English?

When in Rome act like the Romans.  When in Spain you will need to get used to their forms being in Spanish. Very few forms including the Spanish NIE Number form are translated into English.  Be Careful of online NIE Number forms that claim to be correctly translated into English, we have seen many with mistakes which could mean you being sent away from your NIE Number appointment.

Can I download the NIE Number application form in English from the Spanish website?

At this time, the Spanish NIE Number booking website does not allow an English version to be downloaded from its website and all forms must be completed in Spanish.

All NIE Number forms must be completed in Spanish and NOT English

Why do the NIE Number forms need to be completed in Spanish and not English?

You will find most of the staff at the Police station will be Spanish. Sometimes there will be an English Translator on site to help you, however, your forms even if they are translated into English need to be completed in Spanish.

Need a NIE Number? Visit our home page to read more about our Fast, Budget, £20 NIE Number form filling service or Visit our English NIE Number booking page to get your NIE Number application today!






26 thoughts on “NIE Number Application Form in English”

  1. I think its a wise warning about filling in the NIE Number forms in English. I found a website (wont mention any names) who provided me with the forms translated into English. We filled them in, in English and booked the CITA NIE Number appointment at the police station. When we got called up we was told that they don’t accept English translated forms. A total waste of time so don’t try filling in the forms you self

    1. Hi Sandra Thanks for your helpful reply. We have heard this story over and over again, unfortunately people do still try and then waste their appointment at the police station. Many Thanks, Lisa,

  2. Hi, I need the NIE Number forms EX15 AND 790 translated into English. Can you send me them? I will pay no problem.

    1. Hi Louise. Thank you for your message about obtaining NIE Number forms translated into English. Unfortunately the Spanish police will NOT accept NIE NUMBER FORMS that have been translated into English. The forms must remain in Spanish but can be filled in in English. If you would like we can fill in your NIE Number forms for you and book your NIE Number appointment at the police station. Just use our easy NIE NUMBER booking form and one of our experts will be in touch shortly. Kind Regards, Lisa

    1. Hi Roy! Thank you for your message. If you book today we can probably get you into Madrid for the NIE NUMBER appointment really fast, maybe by Friday. Please use our NIE Number booking form and one of our NIE Number experts will be in touch.

  3. Hi, I have been confirmed an appointment time for presenting my application at the police station. Can I pay the tax at the bank as early as two weeks before ?

    1. Hi Hugh. Yes you7 can pay your NIE Number tax at any time before your appointment. Your form 790 NIE Number tax form stays active for 1 year from the date of payment.

  4. hello im looking to get a nie number but wont be back in spain to October so Im able to bok now with all the forms or closer to the time as ill only be over for a week

  5. oltre i tre moduli compilati da voi
    ricevuta del pagamento tax
    passaporto e 2 foto tessere


  6. Hi I am looking to Emigrate to spain next year around about july 2021. When is the best time to apply for the nie number? Could I apply for this whilst in the uk

  7. Hello,

    I require a NIE number but I will only be in Spain for three days from the 10th August until 13th August 2020.
    Will it be possible to get an appointment at the Police Station within these dates?

  8. I am applying for my NIE, already moved to Spain this year. My appointment is in January 2021. But through the non EU section. Is this correct?

  9. I have my NIE but unfortunately it’s on a4 paper and it’s in tatters. I made appointment to get copy and they are insisting I fill out the forms again and pay fee and make another appointment. Is this correct? I had been told they can just print it out as its just a copy I want.

    1. Hi

      Yes, you must have an appointment, applications form and pay the tax again. they won’t just issue a new tie certificate by turning up without an appointment and the paperwork.

      I hope this helps?


  10. Hi,
    Could you help please?. I am a British resident. My uncle sadly died and logged his will in Spain.

    My brother, sister and I are all benficiaries and while I would be delighted to use your expertise to complete the forms correctly, I have been told we can present ourselves at the Spanish consulate in London instead of travelling to Spain.

    Also I understand we need to pay tax, but since I don’t know the sum, we (my brother, sister and I) wouldn’t be able to pay.

    Any suggestions?

    Kind regards


  11. Hi I’m looking to get a NIE number, but would like to do so via the Spanish Consulate in the UK. Are you able simply to fill in the form for me, and I will book the appointment here (UK) ? ) Is this a service you offer, and what does it cost please ? And how long to get the completed from from submission to you (so I know when I can book my appointment at the Consulate)
    Many thanks in advance


  12. Hi. I am resident in England and have an NIE number which I obtained to open a bank account in order to purchase a holiday home property 17 years ago. . However the address on the NIE certificate is different from my Spanish address (we used the address of the estate agent to open the bank account).
    I would now like to get the correct address on an updated NIE certificate. Is this something you can assist me with? Many thanks

    1. Hi

      Nie certificates don’t have an address on them? Please give the office a call to discuss 0034665556070

      Many Thanks


  13. Hello 👋🏼 both me and my partner lost the official document when we moved houses 🤦🏼‍♀️ I have a photo of mine but he only has his number on our rental contract, we really need it as we are buying a car and it’s all stuck on this official document needed, we need an appointment fast

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