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Do you need your Spanish NIE Number FAST? Have you secured a job, or looking to buy a house or buy a car but stuck in limbo until you have your NIE Number appointment in Spain?

Remember you wont be able to work in Spain until you have your NIE Number in place and you have collected your Certificate from the Spanish Police Station.  You also wont be able to complete on a property purchase in Spain without your NIE Number.

If you need a NIE Number in Spain FAST use our easy booking form

Here at MY NIE NUMBER SPAIN we are experts in getting your NIE Number as FAST as possible.  To get your NIE Number as FAST as possible we recommend using our FAST and secure NIE Number application form.

Once we have all the details we need we will get straight on the case.

fast chart to get your nie number in spain
Need your NIE Number FAST? visit our booking page today. the sooner you submit your details the faster we can make your appointment.

How will you get my NIE Number Fast when there’s a waiting list at the Police Station?

First of all we will book you a Spanish NIE Number CITA PRIVA appointment to hold your place in the que.  This will ensure that should the worse come to the worse you will have an appointment date.

Our staff will then check the Spanish NIE Number system website everyday for cancellations.  These can range from the next day to the next week.  Once we have identified a cancellation one of our team will give you a call to confirm you are available to make the appointment.

Traveling to get a nie number appointment FAST
If your willing to travel to another police station we can get your NIE Number appointment FAST

Can I get my NIE Number appointment faster by just turning up at the police station?

Unfortunately it is no longer possible to just turn up at the police station to get your NIE Number certificate. Since 2016 all appointments must be made on the CITA PRIVA website.  To get your NIE Number fast we will check the system everyday for cancelations and give you a call once one comes up.

Getting your NIE Number fast is easy with our website

Can you be 100% sure that a cancellation will become available to get my NIE Number fast?

Unfortunately there is no guarantee that a cancellation appointment will come up. However, you have the best possible chance to get one with our system as our staff are waiting on the website as soon as the appointments are released.

To get your NIE Number fast use our easy English language booking form or visit our Homepage for more information.

stop and get your nie number fast today
If you need a FAST NIE number you have come to the right website.

Can I get a Fast NIE Number in Spain if I travel to another town/city?

traveling fast to get your nie number
If your willing to travel you can get your NIE Number FAST from another town or city

Yes, if your willing to travel to a neighbouring town we will be able to book you in much sooner and you can get your NIE Number fast.  For example people in Benidorm needing a fast NIE Number could travel to either Denia or Alicante to get their NIE Number appointments.

Other NIE Number companies say they can get a Fast NIE Number in 24hrs is this correct?

fast lane nie number appointments
Get in the Fast lane for your NIE Number appointment with our express NIE Number fast service

This is 100% incorrect. Apart from waiting for a cancelation or traveling to another town/city there is no faster way to get your NIE Number.  Any company online saying they can get your NIE Number in a day, or within 24hrs are misleading you.

Do you offer a Fast Track NIE Number service?

Included in our basic £20 service is our express Fast NIE Number service. There is no extra Charge for this.  Just let our NIE number representative know when we call and mark down urgent on your booking form.

lisa getting a nie number appointment fast
Lisa, our NIE Number expert works fast to get your NIE Number appointment as soon as possible


Do you need your NIE Number fast today? Use our NIE Number booking form to provide your details today and one of our staff will get back to you shortly.

Some customer reviews from people who needed their NIE Numbers Fast

young couple get nie number fast

Claire and Brian from Cardiff in Wales needed their NIE Number fast when they decided to buy a house in Spain.  If they had to wait they would have lost out on their house purchase in Benidorm, Spain.  We asked them what they thought of our service. They Said:

We was really excited to be moving to Spain, but we needed our NIE Numbers FAST to be able to purchase our dream property.  We was a bit disappointed at first because we was told our appointment would be 7 weeks away. We spoke to Lisa the NIE Number expert at and told her we was in a rush.  In a couple of days Lisa came back to us with a new appointment the following week. It was really fast and meant we could complete on our house purchase in Spain. We was very happy indeed. Many Thanks to the MY NIE Number team.

couple need nie number really fast and panicking
This couple also needed their NIE NUMBERS FAST

Curtis Ottaway decided to leave his home town of Kingston-upon-Thames with his wife Jessica and move to the Alicante region of Spain. Again, they urgently needed their NIE numbers fast to complete on a purchase of a flat in Spain. They came to us and asked us to get them the Fastest appointment possible. They Said:

When we found out we needed a NIE Number to buy a property in Spain we had to act fast. We searched the internet and was recommended to to get our NIE Numbers really fast.  We was really pleased that they managed to cut the waiting time down from 6 weeks to 2 weeks. Lisa was very helpful and it was a very professional service.

middle aged couple get thier nie number fast
This couple needed their NIE Number fast so they could buy a car in Spain

The Thompson family needed a NIE Number in Spain so they could buy a new car. They were traveling around Spain and their car broke down and was un-repairable. They needed their NIE Number extra Fast and came to us for help. They said:

We was in a total dilemma. We was traveling around Spain and we had a problem with the car. We thought we could just go and buy a new one but we was told we needed a Spanish NIE Number. We needed it fast so we used your service. It took a week, but after 7 days we had our NIE Number and was able to buy a new car.

gay couple happy they have nie number fast

Marcus and Davro needed their NIE numbers fast when they moved to Spain to open a  consultancy business.  They had not heard about the NIE Number system before and when they found out the wait could be up to a couple of months they came to us. They Said:

We needed our NIE Numbers, Fast, really, really Fast! We had secured a contract for our consultancy business in Spain and we couldn’t become self employed until we had our NIE Numbers which meant we couldn’t sign contracts. My NIE Number Spain managed to get us an appointment really fast. Thank you guys!


How long does it take to get a NIE Number?




26 thoughts on “Get your NIE Number Fast”

  1. Thank you Lisa also for getting our NIE Number really Fast. It was an emergency or we would have lost our dream property. Many thanks for your fast service.

    1. Hi Adrian. Thank you for your kind words. Were glad you managed to get your NIE Number fast and you managed to buy your property. The NIE Number team

  2. Ok, here’s my situation. My husband has just been offered a job in Spain. Neither of us have ever worked abroad before and now we find out we need a NIE Number before he can start work so we need them fast. I have a couple of questions:

    1.) Do we both need our NIE Numbers? I will be a stay at home mum.

    2.)How fast can you get our NIE Numbers?

    I look forward to hearing back from you.


    1. Hi Sarah. Thank you for your message on our website. If though you are planning on being a stay at home mum you will still need a NIE Number as your planning on staying inside the country for more than 3 months its now law. If you could let me know what region you are in I will be able to let you know how fast we can get your Spanish NIE number for you. Kind Regards, Lisa

  3. Hola. I am moving over next week to Madrid and need to get my NIE Number really fast. I arrive in Spain on Tuesday. How fast can you get me a NIE Number appointment? Can you get me booked in for Wednesday?

    Also will I get my NIE Number the same day as I need to start work on the Friday.

    1. Hi Bobby! That is very very fast…. If you can send your details over via our secure form then we can see what we can do. We will try and get you a FAST nie number appointment the same week. Many Thanks, Lisa,

  4. Hola. Necesito un NIE, me encuentro en España y no puedo acreditar mi Carnet de conducir sin el NIE. Pueden contactarme por correo electrónico o WhatsApp? Gracias

  5. Good morning,
    Please could you let me know if is possible to get the NIE as soon as possible? I am in benamaldena ready to start a new job but I can’t because the appointment to get the NIE is on 05/04/2019.please can you help me?

    1. Hi Paolo, yes that’s no problem we can get you an appointment in the malaga area this week. Please use our easy nie number booking form and we will get you booked in as soon as possible. Lisa

  6. Hi

    Is it possible to get an nie number without an address.. I plan on travelling to Spain and staying in hostels, hotels and with friends until i find the right property…


    1. Hi Ian

      the rules are different in every area. Some ares you can use a hotel address in other areas you need to prove your living at the address. The best thing to do is to give our nie number advisors a call on 0034 665556070 and they can help you 🙂


  7. I already have a nie number and social security number in Spain I lived their for 6 years but have been back in uk since 2010 but want to return in the near future I know we can’t travel at the moment without residencia but will my existing nie number allow me to travel even though I don’t have the paper copy ?

  8. Hi,
    Do you offer a service just for obtaining a Spanish Social Security number filling out forms, securing appointments etc as I already have my NIE being possessed? I’m finding the social security process very confusing especially in these ever changing times

  9. Hello,

    I’ve been offered a job in la herradura and will need to apply for an nie number. With current lockdown restrictions in place I’m confused about the best way to do this.

    My partner also would need to register however he would be coming in as self employed I think and ideally we would both complete our registrations at the same time.

    Is it better to fly out for a week ASAP and hope that I can book appointments for both of us to register for one, or does one week not leave enough time to complete the whole process and book all the necessary meetings? Could we use a temporary address to do this until we moved permanently?

    Otherwise the earliest I would be able to move out there is November so I’m worried that this will be a bit last minute for both our applications to go through as it’s very close to the December deadline with Brexit. Would it be risky moving out there in November with nothing in place in terms of an nie number etc….

    Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance

  10. Hi!

    I’m already living in Spain and my partner is moving here. Is it possible that I do all the paperwork for him? Or he has to be here in person?
    Also, he only has a small gap of time between moving here and starting his new job here (arrives in the 16h of april and starts working on the 26th) Is it possible to get a specific date for the appointment at the police station?

  11. Hi. I have Spanish citizenship and passport but grew up in USA. I lost my NIF but am now living in Spain. Can you help me get my NIF/ DNI? I have no idea and have almost given up.
    thank you!

  12. Hi My NIE,

    Are you currently operating and accepting new NIE applications?
    July 2022.

    Kind regards,


  13. Hi,
    I’m interested in using your service. Before submitting my information I have one question. It says on the list with documents needed for the appointment that I need a rental contract. I currently don’t have any rental contract because I haven’t moved to Spain yet. I will stay in a temporary place like Airbnb for the first month while I look for accommodation. Can I apply for NIE even if I won’t have a rental contract to show?

    Thanks in advance!

  14. Hi, how long is the waiting time typically in Torrevieja?
    I have a friend who will be arriving on the 19th of august, and needs a NIE before the 24th. How big are her chances of getting a NIE within that timeframe, in Torrevieja?

  15. Hi,
    Se poate obține la dvs NIE,fara adresa,in Provincia Alicante,municipiul Alcoy?
    Intenționez să stau temporar prin Airbnb,in Alcoy până am NIE,necesar pentru a cumpăra un apartament
    Pot aplica la dvs?Sunt cetățean român

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