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Best NIE Number photos

Here at we like to show you what the NIE Number documents and what it looks like inside the Police Station. Below are a list of our Favourite photos.

This is what your Spanish NIE Number certificate will look like. Many People expect to get a card but it is in fact a A4 piece of paper

This is what your Spanish NIE paper certificate will look likeThis is what the EX-15 FORM looks like, it asks for the following details: (Click here for NIE Number forms in English)

You Surname

Your First Name

Your Date of Birth

Fathers Name

Mothers Name

Spanish Address

Email address

Tel Number

Unless you have a good understanding of Spanish we do not recommend you fill this form in your self. Use our easy booking form today and we will fill it out for you.

nie number ex15
This is what the EX15 NIE Number form looks like.
what a green card nie number looks like
This is what a NIE Number card used to look like. These days you will get your Spanish NIE Number on a A4 piece of paper


remember to sign your NIE Number documents
Dont forget to sign your NIE Number documents before you go to the Police station

This is what the Cita Priva website looks like. You use the Cita Priva website to book all appointments in Spain.

nie number website view
This is what the NIE Number booking websitew looks like. But dont worry you dont need to visit the website to get your NIE Number. Just fill in our easy booking form at today and get your appointment within 24hrs.

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