Lost NIE Number, what do i do?

Have you Lost your NIE Number certificate?
Loosing your NIE Number certificate can be a nightmare. Book a NEW NIE Number appointment online today.

Your white A4 NIE Number paper certificate (not a green card as some people call it) is a very important document when your living in Spain.

In Spain you will need it constantly, for getting connected to the internet, getting a new phone contract and even renting or buying a house. If you have lost your NIE Number certificate (the white paper that is stamped with your NIE Number on) you will need to request a new NIE certificate from the Police.

Getting a replacement certificate for your lost Spanish NIE Number and getting the NIE number replacement should be quick and easy as its already been given and the police just needs to run a search on their database to get it back.

If the Police search doesn’t come back with any results with your name you will need to get another NIE Number certificate.

If  you manage to remember the number or keep a photocopy of the original certificate it will be much easier to request a new certificate. It will show up straight away in the data base at the police station.

Having the number to hand will speed up the process at the Police Station and you´ll have your new certificate Fast.

This is what your Lost NIE Number certificate will look like

How do I get a New NIE Number certificate?

To get a replacement for your old NIE Number certificate you will need to basically go through the same process as getting the original once.  You will need to fill in the forms, make an appointment at your local police station and pay the same taxes/fee’s

Have you been asked to provide the original NIE Number Certificate and you have lost it?

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14 thoughts on “Lost NIE Number, what do i do?”

  1. I had a NIE number in 2001 but I have lost it and intend moving back to Spain soon,could you help me get the replacement certificate

  2. Bună ziua am făcut cerere de ami recupera n.i.e am achitat taxa,dar din partea voastră nici o reacție

  3. I have my NIE number but not the card, the letters wore off. How can I get a replacement? My address and passport are different. Thanks. I plan to return to Spain soon.

  4. I have lost my NIE number that was issued to me in Benidorm at the police station 1992. Can I still obtain a copy of this please.
    Paul Maynes

    1. Hi Paul

      As it was issued so long ago if you have not been using it its likely the tie is not active and you will need to apply for a new tie number.

      I hope this helps?


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