Getting your Spanish NIE Number in Valenica

Are you thinking of moving to Spain to set up a new life in the sun? Long sunny days, hours spent on the beach and less work and tax to pay. But the one thing you may not have thought of is do you have your Spanish NIE Number yet for your new life in Valencia?

Getting your NIE NUMBER in Valencia is easy with our quick simple service

You will need your Spanish NIE Number to undertake a number of tasks in Spain, including getting a job, buying a car, house, or even getting connected to the internet.

How to get a NIE Number in Valencia  Spain

Here at MY NIE getting you set up with your NIE Number in Valencia in super quick time is our number one aim. 

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About Valencia, our trip to visit the city

So, its mid summer and to be honest we are a little over whelmed with the number of Spanish NIE Bookings we are getting this year… We think its time for a break. The team and I have decided to go and explore Valencia which is bursting with night-life, art, culture, shopping, a great range of beaches and boutique hotels, none of which you will need your Spanish NIE Number to enjoy.

Were going to be honest, we arrived about 8pm, booked into our hotel, The Vincii Palace in the old town. Reasonably priced at 116 euros a night via the website, the rooms were large and spacious, very clean and well maintained and had everything we needed. Including a mini Bar….

After a few miniature bottles of champagne from the mini bar,  we checked the hotel staff all had there Spanish NIE Numbers in place and  we feel asleep exhausted by our travels. We had our passports and Spanish NIE Numbers safely tucked away in our room safe (which came free) and snoozed the night away.

We was up early the next morning. Remembering to take our passports and Spanish NIE Numbers with us in case they was needed.

Our first task of the day was to find the Holy Grail (Holy Chalice) of Spanish NIE Numbers. Not Many People even believe the Holy Grail exists let alone the fact it was supposed to have been drank out of at the last supper, but it is thought it is kept in the cathedral in Valencia.

We headed out of the old town and towards the cathedral in Valencia, located on Barchilla street.  You can get access between the hours of 10.30am-1pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday and from 6pm-8pm on Thursdays.  The Cathedral and the chapel the holy Grail is housed in has been completed refurbished over the centuries and really is something special to see. We didn’t require a NIE Number for entry.


Next stop was for some traditional Valencia food. Did you know Valencia is the ledged birth place of Paella? We stopped off in a little restaurant called El Toro. The locals tell us the Paella is out of this world so we trundle along trying to find this tiny Spanish restaurant.

On a back street, down a cobbled Spanish lane we find the rather tierd looking el Toro. We are welcomed by a traditional Spanish man wearing Spanish attire and are promptly seated. The wine starts to flow, the Paella is served and a great time was had all round! It was interesting speaking to the owner Carlos over the number of British people in Spain who need there NIE Number booked.

In the evening we hit the Valencian night life, checked out the many fantastic bars in the city and checked that all the bar staff Had there Spanish NIE Numbers ready (were always ready to help people who need there NIE Number sorted quickly and Cheaply)  We followed the top ten Bars in Valencia guide and needless to say by the end we was rather unwell.

We woke the next day with a hangover from hell. Valencia was great and we made some great contacts. We managed to get two people appointments on the website to get there Spanish NIE Number in Valencia as well.

Unfortunately some of the things we planned to do in Valencia was left out.. (yes owing to a hurting head) But we cant but mention the one we really regret seeing the Apple Museum in Valencia.

The Apple Museum

This may see a little geeky to some but Valencia actually boasts its own apple (the computer company not the fruit) Museum. Click on the link above to visit the website and find directions.

Apple Museum Valencia NIE Number website
You don’t need your NIE Number to visit the Apple Museum in Valencia

Here at MY NIE Number we like to meet some of our customers. This week we meet Pedro who moved to Valencia from South London and needed his Spanish NIE Number.

Q: Hi Pedro, how are you and how are you enjoying living in Valencia?

A:  Hey, im loving live in Valencia, Spain. I now have a good job and a nice flat in the city centre. Live here is relaxed and calm and I like it very much.

Q: You used our NIE Number service back in January this year how did you find it?

A: It was so easy to get my Spanish NIE Number using your system. It was so quick and simple. I placed my Order at 11am and by 3pm I was booked in and had all my paperwork in place. I was really happy with your service.

Q: Would you recommend our NIE Number service to your friends?

A: Yes, I met some people in the local café the other day and they desperately needed there NIE Number. I recommended your service.


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