Getting your Spanish NIE Number in San Sebastian

Have you just Moved to the Fantastic town of San Sebastian? Escaped the UK’s Awful weather, high taxes and miserable people? Maybe you have secured your self a job with a Company in San Sebastian or buying a House. The first thing you will need is a Spanish NIE Number. Without your Spanish NIE Number in San Sebastian you wont be able to get a work contract, by a car or rent a home


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The MY NIE Number team fancied a day out so went to visit the town of San Sebastian. Check out our review below.

Getting your NIE Number in San Sebastian

You don’t need  your Spanish Nie Number to visit San Sebastian, located in the Basque country of Northern Spain (12 miles from the French Border)  is the capital of the Gipuzko province.  The Local people are known as ‘donostiarra’.  It has a current population of 190,000 people.  It’s an amazing place to visit, located just off the coast of the Bay of Biscay this is a photographic Spanish seaside town. San Sebastian boasts amazing clean and sandy beaches and some of the top restaurants in Northern Spain. Despite only being a small town/city its hosts all year round events such as the San Sebastian International Film Festival and was the international city of culture in 2016.

San Sebastian’s Old Town is home to many historic buildings, rebuilt in the 19th century following the Napoleonic War. In San Sebastian you will also find some of the best beaches in Europe, the most famous being the Playa de la Concha, which offers great opportunities for  sunbathing and water activities like scuba diving, sailing and water boarding.

Weather in San Sebastian

You wont need your Spanish NIE Number to enjoy the weather in San Sebastian.

San Sebastian gets on average roughly 100 mm (3.94 in) of rain during the winter months. The Average verage temperatures range from 8.9 °C (48.0 °F) in winter to 21.5 °C (70.7 °F) in the heat of the Summer.

You wont need your Spanish NIE NUMBER to enjoy the weather in San Sebastian.

Things to do In San Sebastian

You don’t need your Spanish NIE Number from the police to enjoy activity’s in San Sebastian. We have put together a must do List of Activities for your day out in San Sebastian Spain.  If you think we have missed any out please get in touch as tell us.

Visit San Sebastian’s Famous Beaches

Beach San Sebastian
If you already have your Spanish NIE Number you don’t need to panic. Spend a day on San Sebastian’s many beaches.

So you now have your Spanish NIE Number, you have your job and house and here comes your first day off. What do you do? Visiting some of San Sebastian’s famous beaches is a Must.  The La Concha beach is probably the best known and popular beach in San Sebastian. It is known world wide for its perfectly arced bay and safe swimming waters .It was voted in 2018 as  Europe’s best urban beach.

Other beaches in San Sebastian include the Ondarreta Beach, which you access via a tunnel from La Concha Beach and Zurriola Beach. The Zurriola beach is more requested by locals and younger people than tourists.

Visit San Sebastian’s under water Aquarium

If your Scared of Sharks this is maybe not the place for you. But, if it doesn’t bother you head over to the San Sebastian Aquarium and check out thefluoro jellyfish and other sea monsters . Walk through the underwater tunnels and experience another world. And the best thing is it doesn’t matter if you have your Spanish Nie number of not. Its best to allow at least an hour for your visit.

You wont need your Spanish NIE Number to visit the Parque de Cristina Enea in San Sebastian.

parque san sebastian
No NIE Number required to visit the parque san Sebastian

The Parque San Sebastian was buildt by the Duke of Mandas in memory of his beloved wife. San Sebastians Parque de Cristina Enea is one of the most visited area by both locals and tourists alike. The parque is layed out in a formal sytle and displays ornamental plants, a duck pond and wild peacocks. Its many  open lawns and wooded paths make for a great afternoon walk about, past towering red sequoias and a magnificent Lebanese cedar to name but a few of the tropical plants on display.  Wangt to know how to get to the Parque San Sebastian? Follow the map below.

Do you like museums? Visit the San Sebastian San Telmo Museoa

Museum san sebastian
So you have your Spanish NIE NUMBER and now you want to visit some museums. The Museum San Sebastian is a must.

Do you like museums? Then a Visit to San Sebastian without visiting the San Telmo Museoa is a social crime!

The museum was named the best museums in the Basque Country in 2018, and has a thought-provoking collection of history and culture in all its glory.

The exhibitions at the San Telmo Museoa are mixed between a restored convent thought to date back to the 16th century, and a cutting-edge modern area.  The art collection displays historical artifacts  and bold fusions of contemporary works.

Click here to visit The San Sebastian San Telmo Museoa Website

Visit the Peine del Viento sculpture in San Sebastian, the symbol of the City.

Peine del Viento sculpture in San Sebastian
It doesn’t matter if you have your Spanish NIE Number or not visit the Peine del Viento sculpture in San Sebastian

A Visit to San Sebastian would seem fruitless without a visit to its iconic sea staues, the Peine del Viento sculpture (wind comb).

Found just below the Monte Igueldo the famous  work’s of Basque sculptor and artist Eduardo Chillida and architect Luis Peña Ganchegui Can be found.

The sculptures are made from large iron work shapes anchored down by pink granite, and is spread across three nearby sites in the San Sebastian area. We think its certainly worth a look.

We very much enjoyed our trip to San Sebastian with the MY NIE NUMBER team. We look forward to returning again in the future.

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