Getting a NIE Number in Torrevieja Spain

How to get a NIE Number in Torrevieja, Spain

Welcome to Torrevieja, Spain. Your new life in the sun is about to start but one of the first things you will need before you can do anything else is get a Torrevieja NIE Number.

What is a NIE Number and why do I need one in Torrevieja?

What a Torrevieja NIE Number looks like
What a Torrevieja NIE Number looks like

The NIE Number you are issued in Torrevieja is also known as a Número de Identificación de Extranjero in Spanish. It is your tax identification number given by the Spanish Police. Its not an ID card.

Your Torrevieja NIE number will start with a letter, followed by seven numbers, finished with another letter. (For example C – 6765654 – Z). Your NIE number is unique to you and it is neither transferable nor does it expire.

You will need a NIE Number in Torrevieja to complete the following tasks:

How can I get a NIE Number in Torrevieja Fast?

Here at MYNIE getting you your NIE Number fast is our job. We will book your appointment at Torrevieja police station, Complete your NIE Number paperwork and email over to you to print along with our handy guide on what to do on the day of your appointment.

Your only job will be to arrive at Torrevieja police station at the time and date we provide you to hand in your paperwork and show your passport to collect your NIE Number.

Ready to get your NIE Number?

Happy couple get a NIE Number in Torrevieja

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MORE NIE Number Torrevieja information

Do I go to the town hall or police station for my appointment? Can I try turning up without an appointment?

Torrevieja police station

Your appointment will the held at Torrevieja police station. We will make your appointment for you with the police and provide you a CITAS PREVIA (booking recipt) which will your your appointment time, date and location. Without an appointment you will not be seen under any circumstances.

Can someone else go to my appointment on my behalf? Will I need a translator with me?

No, you must attend your own NIE Number appointment with your original passport to show who you are. The only exception to this is if you have signed power of atorney (POA) to a solicitor to act on your behalf.

You generally will not need a translator with you, but if you feel more comfortable we can put you in touch which a translator in Torrevieja who can go with you.

What will I need to take with me to the appointment?

We will be emailing you your Cita Previa certificate which is your appointment card. We will also be emailing your NIE Number forms 790/EX-15 which will be fulled completed for you.

You will need to also take:

If I get my NIE Number in Torrevieja can I then work/live in another area of Spain?

Yes, your NIE Number will cover you for the whole of spain plus the Canary Islands and Balearic Islands. You don’t need a NIE Number for each different region of spain one number covers you for all area’s. Read MYNIE Reviews.

Will I get a white NIE Number certificate of a green card?

Your NIE Number will come on a white A4 piece of paper. This is your first step number. Once your ready to apply for residency you will be issued a green Spanish residency card.

Do I need to be signed onto the Padron in Torrevieja to get a NIE Number in the town?

No, you wont need to be on the padron but you will need to have an address in the Alicante region on your paperwork.

What happens if I ask turned down for a NIE Number in Torrevieja?

If your NIE Number application is refused in Torrevieja please call our office and we can help you work through the problem. Its likely you attended your appointment without the correct paperwork.

Should I pay my NIE Number tax before or after my appointment at the police station?

You need to take your form 790 to the bank to pay the NIE Number tax before your appointment. Your application will not be processed unless you have a bank stamp on the form 790.

Do I need private health insurance to get a NIE Number in Torrevieja?

To obtain a first step white A4 paper NIE Number in Torrevieja you will not need private health insurance.

Will my NIE Number expire?

No. NIE Number’s in Spain used to expire after 3 months. However NIE Number certificates issued today will not have an expiration date and will be with you for life.

Can I exchange my driving licence to a Spanish Driving licence without a NIE Number?

No, you will need to have your NIE Number before you can apply for your Spanish driving licence.

If I want to work in Spain will I need a NIE Number only or social security number as well?

To work in Spain you will need to have both a NIE Number and a Social security number. We offer a social security number package open our booking form.

When will I be issued with the NIE Number certificate? Will I have to come back on another day?

Normally you are issued your certificate the same day as your appointment. Your normally directed to come back to the police station at 2pm. Sometimes, if a senior officer is not on site to sign your certificate you maybe asked to come back another day.


Torrevieja can be found on the Costa Blanca, Spain, approximately 50 minutes south of Alicante airport

Torrevieja isn’t a resort in the package holiday sense. There are only a few hotels and the area is much loved by the Spanish who flock here during the summer months for their holidays. The town is surrounded by excellent urbanisations, all with pools and beautiful gardens and the whole area enjoys fabulous beaches with fine sand and crystal clear waters.

Thousands of people from the north of Spain and northern Europe have set up home permanently in the town. The local people, are friendly and welcome both national and international tourism. English is widely spoken.

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  1. Hi, im in Torrevieja now. I cant seem to be able to get an appointment nat the police station can you help?

    1. Hi David. Yes we can get you booked into Torrevieja police station for your NIE Number appointment. Please use our online NIE Number booking form and we will get you booked in as soon as possible.

      many thanks


  2. Im buying a house in Torrevieja next week and I’ve just been told that I need a NIE Number? How quick can you get me an appointment at the police station?

    1. Hi John

      yes we can get you a NIE Number appointment in Torrevieja no problem. Please use our easy NIE Number booking form and we will get you booked into Torrevieja police station for your NIE Number appointment,

      kind regards


  3. Hi

    I am in Spain Thursday 02.09 for 5 days looking at property in Alicante/Torreveija.
    Do you think you can get me an appointment for NIE in that timeframe?

  4. Buongiorno sono un pensionato arrivato da poco a torrevieja con mia moglie dove sarà la nostra residenza. Per avere il NIE per tutti e due al fine di non sbagliare quali documenti e il costo.
    Grazie per l’attenzione

  5. Tätini kuoli 9.7.2021( ES-03188 Torre La Mata) . Kuolinpesän asioiden hoitoa varten minun pitäisi saada hänen NIE-numero. Mistä virastosta tämän numeron voi saada.

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