Do i need a NIE Number to rent property in Spain?

Are you looking to rent a Property in Spain? But you don’t have your Spanish NIE Number?

Here at MY NIE number, getting your NIE Number in super quick time is our job. Visit our home page and use our Fast and Easy official NIE Number booking form to get your NIE Number appointment today.

renting property without a NIE Number
Renting property in Spain without a NIE Number can sometimes be difficult.

As we get asked this question a lot the office staff at My NIE have done a little digging around and have found the top 20 estate agents in Spain where you can rent a property, be it a house, villa or apartment without a Spanish NIE Number.

Our Top estate agents in Spain which don’t require you to have a NIE Number to rent a property.

Kyero Estate Agents

kyero spain property logo

Kyero estate agents is an online Portal property website covering Spain and Portugal. Most if its thousands of properties available, for rent and for sale, including villa’s, apartments and even caravans you do not need your Spanish NIE Number to rent for periods of up to 1 year.

The Spanish Estate Agent

No nie number required to rent a house from the Spanish Estate agents.

The Spanish Estate agent, again another online estate agent are very helpful with British Ex-pat’s and most properties on their books you won’t need a Spanish NIE Number to rent. Visit their website today to view thousands of properties across Spain.

Coast and Country estate agents Spain

Coast and country homes. You dont need a Spanish NIE number to rent a property from these people.

Coast and Country have offices in Alicante but also have an extensive website of Spanish Property. Do I need a Spanish NIE Number to rent a property via Coast and Country estate agents? No, Coast and country accept passport as an acceptable proof of identification.

Search Rightmove for Properties to rent in Spain

Search rightmove for properties to rent in Spain without a NIE Number

The worlds biggest online Spanish Property portal Rightmove has tens of thousands of properties listed on its books. Its easy to use website will tell you what identification you will need to rent a property in Spain and if you need your Spanish NIE Number.


No NIE Number required to rent a property from Cole estate agents Spain

Coles Spanish estate agents in based in the Andalucía region and has a great website for finding property that you don’t need your NIE Number for in Spain. Cole’s has helpful staff and you can send them a message via their website and they will get straight back to you.

So, be it your looking to rent a house, Villa or apartment in Spain the answer is you do not need your Spanish NIE Number to rent a property. But why not make life easier and get your Spanish NIE Number today? Visit our home poage to find out more.


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3 thoughts on “Do i need a NIE Number to rent property in Spain?”

  1. I’m thinking of renting a property in somewhere between Alicante and Benidorm. Will I need a NIE number?

    1. Hi Neil. Thank you for your comment on our NIE Number blog. Not all estate agents require you to have a Spanish NIE Number to rent a property in Spain. We have listed all the best online estate agents that do not need a Spanish NIE Number to rent to you. If you would like a Spanish NIE Number please visit our booking page and place an order today. Lisa,

  2. I am looking to rent between 6 and 12 months in Spain with my 2 adult daughters. Do all 3 of us need an NIE to rent ? What other documents are needed for all 3 . If so, can you arrange to process all documents and what the cost will be.

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