Cost of a NIE Number in Spain

What is the Cost of obtaining a NIE Number in Spain?

What does a NIE Number Cost?

The cost of obtaining your NIE Number varies on the different methods you have to Obtain your Number.  Here at MY NIE Number Spain we are proud to say we are officially the cheapest service on the Internet.

For Just £20 we can get your NIE Number paperwork and CITA booking completed on your behalf.  You can read about our full system on our homepage

What do other companies charge to get your NIE Number in Spain?

for 20 euros we can book your NIE Number in Spain

There are countless companies in Spain offering to provide NIE Number services and the cost can run into the hundreds of pounds. With our service there is a one off cost of £20.

Why is your company so cheap? Does it offer a sub standard service?

We keep our NIE Number service cheap to cover our costs and overheads. We are proud of the fact we do not rip people off.

Are there any other NIE Number costs after I have paid your company?

Once you have filled in our easy NIE Number booking form there are no other costs payable to us.  You will be booked in at the Police Station, and have all your NIE Number forms filled in.  You will need to pay the government tax on the day of your NIE Number appointment which is currently 9.75 Euros.

Is the Cost the same at the Spanish Embassy in the UK?

Yes, the cost in the same at the Spanish Embassy. Our service is the cheapest way to get your NIE Number booked online.

Do you want your NIE Number today?

cheap cost NIE Number

Use our easy English language NIE NUMBER booking form to apply for your Spanish NIE Number today.


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33 thoughts on “Cost of a NIE Number in Spain”

  1. Are there any hidden charges using the service because it is very cheap compared to the other services online.

    1. Hi Jason. We have no hidden charges, strange terms and conditions and no hidden extra’s. You do still need to pay the government fee to the bank on the day of your appointment which is 9.75 euros. If you would like to order your NIE Number with us please use our form and we will get you booked in. Many Thanks, Lisa

    1. Hi Adrian. The current cost of the NIE Number Tax is 9.75 Euros. Have you already got a NIE Number booking? Id not please visit our home page to read more about our service. Many Thanks, Lisa

  2. hi,
    I am impressed with what I have read about your
    service so far, I need an NIE , always a bit cautious about on line stuff etc. one question you say there is a fee of £29.99
    for the NIE in your intro. section,
    However in your faq asked section in answer to the cost
    you state a flat rare of £20.00 with no hidden costs, can you clarify please.

    1. Hi Nora. Thanks for your message. You will notice a padlock in the Brower bar when you visit our website. This means your information is sent via a secure connection. The price of our service is £29.99. Please feel free to give us a call if you need any more information. Many Thanks, Lisa

      1. Hello
        Hope you are safe and well
        With this virus going around
        I can not get to Spain until it over in both countries

        Can it be done any other way

        Regards les

  3. Hello, my wife and I are hoping to purchwse property in La Manga and also we need to open a bank account. We are currently in Malaga. Do we need to have an appointment in La Manga if we want to live there or any Police stationwill do?
    Also just clarify, We fill out the forms and you forward them to the police station or you provide the forms, we fill them out and we take them to the police station at our appointment?
    How long is the normal time before we can get an appointment?
    By the way, we are Canadian, but I also hold EU citizenship.

    1. Hi stan. Yes we can book your nie number appointment no problem. please use our easy nie number booking form and we will get you booked in as quick as possible.

  4. Hello
    Hope you are safe and well
    With this virus going around
    I can not get to Spain until it over in both countries

    Can it be done any other way

    Regards les

  5. Hi I hope your well at this time do u sort all the paperwork I need send it me I fill out send it back to you then you arrange my appointment at the police station send the forms back to me then I got to the appointment at the police station with the pack

  6. We need NIE numbers, we are purchasing a property in Pinoso and will be coming over there in September (fingers crossed).
    We were hoping to get it sorted, as much as we can before our arrival. Is this possible.

  7. Hi I am currently in Quesada until 10th October will that be enough time to apply for a NIE? If so which Police Station would I need to go to?
    Is it right I would only pay 29.99 euro plus government tax ?

  8. We have many UK clients wanting an NIE number, can you do it remotely as no travel available. Willing to pay double if you can.

  9. Hi Lisa
    We are going to the Valencia region 14th June for ten days to look at property to buy a small holiday house. If we see one we like we may pay a deposit on the house . I am sure I will need a NIE number so I can do this. If I complete your form today, I see you will arrange an appointment in the same area at the police station when I visit. Is that correct.

    1. Hi Martin

      Your dates should be fine. The NIE Number police stations are centralised so we would get you into your nearest one but that might not be in the town your staying.

      I hope this helps?


  10. we have the forms for our nie, done by the notary, but need it sending to the spanish consulate, we also have it saying someone can use our power of atourney to get it from the police station. can you sort the form and send it on please? keith & sharon turner.

    1. Hi Keith

      You need to be in Spain to visit the police station to get the nie. Its not possible to do it via us remotely.

      Sorry we couldn’t help this time.


  11. hello, I was wondering what we can do if we do not have an address in Spain yet. We are hoping to buy a property there, but are living in Portugal. We are EU citizens.

  12. Hello I’m irish and I’m in spsin the moment, I need snd nie number for myself my wife snd I think my children will need them also Alan 6 and Sophie 4…..van you please tell me the cost involved for all please, and we are in the alicante region, living in ciudad quesada rojales

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