On the June 23, 2016 a referendum by British voters to exit the European Union was won with a ‘YES’ vote, much to the shock of many across the European Union. Read more about Brexit on Wikipedia

The word Brexit being an abbreviation of ‘British Exit’  The Brexit vote was followed by the resignation of the British Prime minister David Cameron and triggered thw start of a process called article 50 which is the start of the UK’S divorce from the Union. Read more about Brexit day here.

Shock over NIE Numbers and Brexit

But what does this mean for your NIE Number in Spain?

Spanish NIE Numbers are issued to people all over the world, not just UK Citizens.  For this reason we believe that British Citizens wishing to work or live in Spain after the Brexit ‘independence day’ will still need to apply for a NIE Number, however the procedure and amount of evidence required for your need for a NIE Number might be stricter.

Although no official announcement has been made about working in Spain with a NIE Number after Brexit we believe the system will be roughly the same and non EU Citizens applying for a NIE Number. The booking system will be slightly different as we will not be applying for a certificate EU. British citizens will likely apply for a NIE Number like people from the rest of the world.

Will it be easier to get Residency in Spain Post Brexit if I Have a NIE Number?

At the moment as we go to press with this blog post its almost impossible to tell, although we believe having a NIE Number pre Brexit will make applying for Spanish Residency post Brexit easier.

If I get my NIE Number before Brexit will I be able to continue to work in Spain after Brexit?

British ex-pats who already have a NIE Number before brexit

Yes. The EU and Spain will still welcome UK citizens to come and work in Spain after Brexit. Some Costal Spanish towns have a huge EX-PAT British population and the Spanish are keen to maintain a good relationship.

Until the final deal has been agreed with EU Negotiators the waters are murkey. The possibility of a ‘NO DEAL’ are seen as a real possibility. In this case a Bilateral agreement with the UK and Spain would be required. Read more about residency in Spain.

As I will no longer be a EU Citizen will I need to make changes to my registration on the NIE Number system after Brexit?

This British couple is worried about thier NIE Number after Brexit

Its unclear at the moment what current British EX-PATS living in Spain willneed to do post Brexit. As soon as more news is released we will update our blog and homepage to reflect this.

If I need to make any chances to my NIE Number registration after Brexit can your company help?

This couple is talking about thier NIE Number after brexit

Unfortunately we don’t currently have any information about the changes the Spanish government will implement after Brexit.  We hope that once the changes have been announced we will be able to advice our customers better.

I own a business in Spain. Will my Current NIE Number still work after Brexit?

If you already own a business in Spain its likely you will already have your NIE Number and Residency in Spain. It is not thought that changes will affect how you run your business in Spain after Brexit.

Will I have to update my NIE Number registration with my new non-EU post Brexit Passport?

Because your passport number is likely to stay the same post Brexit we do not think you will need to update your NIE Number registration post Brexit. We will update our blog in due course.

I am on the reduced rate of National insurance in Spain with my current NIE Number. Will this offer continue?

The reduced rate of national insurance for non residents starting a business in Spain was introduced by the Spanish Government, and is not a EU Law. As such we do not at this point believe there will be any change to your entitlement to the reduced rate post Brexit if you already hold a NIE Number.

I’m not planning on moving to Spain until after Brexit. Should I get my NIE Number before?

Without any current clarity from The Uk Government or the EU, its impossible to tell if you will obtain an advantage getting your NIE Number pre-Brexit. If you would like to apply for your NIE Number please visit our NIE NUMBER BOOKING FORM.

My NIE Number certificates states I’m a EU Citizen. Will I need a new certificate?

Although what system will be in place is unclear, we believe that you will keep the same certificate and NIE Number after Brexit.

What our NIE Number Expert Lisa says about Brexit:

Until there is some clear announcement from to EU and the British Government our hands are tied.  We recommend visiting our homepage where will we will be updating the latest NIE Number Brexit information.  Unfortunately the continued uncertainty is making it impossible for us to give British Ex-Pats a true picture of what changes may come.

Need your NIE Number today? Visit our home page to read more

Keep Checking back to our Blog for the Latest NIE Number Brexit information.


What will happen to my NIE Number if there is a ‘no deal’ Brexit?

We are currently monitoring the situation with regards to what will happen if there is a ‘No Deal’ Brexit and what that will mean for your NIE Number. Please check back to our NIE Number blog for further information.

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22 thoughts on “NIE NUMBERS AND BREXIT”

  1. We are planning to move over when we retire in 2020 so after Brexit. do you think we should get our NIE Numbers now?

    1. Hi Guys. I would recommend getting your NIE Number before Brexit in your case. If you would like to order your NIE Number today please use our online NIE Number booking form.

  2. Do you think Brexit will affect people rights to work in Spain? Will a NIE Number make it easier to move to Spain after Brexit?

    1. Hi David. A good question. We wont automatically get a right to work in the EU, however Spain will continue to accept Workers from all over the world. Spain will continue to provide NIE Numbers for British workers. I hope this helps

  3. Hi
    I am in Spain already and need to get aNIE. I am going to be here for 11 months. Do I have to have a residency certificate as wee.

  4. Hi we are moving to Benidorm on 1st November 2020 (our rental agreement starts) we would like to use your service. Can you arrange the appointment for that specific week (this is important as my partner may have to return to UK temporarily) and can you tell me what documents i need to provide to you to use this service.

    1. Hi

      Yes, when your completing our Booking form just put the dates you would like in the comments box and once those dates are released we will grab then for you.

      I hope this helps


  5. I intend to move to Spain next year but can’t get flights to Spain to view property . I’d like to obtain a NIE number in preparation. Can I get one without leaving the UK . Can you obtain one for me without having to attend a police station in Spain ? Thank you !

    1. Hi

      Thank you for your message but to use this service you must attend the police station in Spain to collect the NIE Number certificate.


  6. I have dual nationality. At present I have a British passport but have also applied for an Irish one which is delayed in processing due to covid restrictions. If I apply for my NIE number with my British passport is it then difficult to change it to my Irish passport which I will use fir my residency application post brexit ?



    1. Hi karen

      It makes no difference if you apply with your Irish, or British passport. Anyone can have a NIE Number it is not linked to a nationality and there is no difference in the document an Australian gets to the document a British or Irish person gets.

      I hope this helps?

  7. Hello
    I am currently in the process of buying a property in Asco, Tarragona province. I am a UK resident and do not have an address in Spain. While making an online appointment to obtain an N I E number, I was informed that Asco falls under the jurisdiction of the Police office in Reus. Due to the Reus office having no available slots, I therefore took an appointment at the Police office in Tortosa, when I attended the appointment, I was I formed that I was at the wrong office (the officer did not look at any of the paperwork that I had, just my passport) and told me that I needed to make an appointment at the Police office in Tarragona.
    This leads to my question .. can you make an appointment at any Police office to obtain an N I E number and is this a service that you provide?
    With regards

  8. Hello I was wondering if my NIE is still valid after being more than 6 months out of Spain. Will I be able to travel to Spain?

  9. I have an NIE from 2003 seasonal work in the Balearics. I am a UK national still living in the UK. Though I have no immediate plans to relocate, but would be interested to know where I stand if I should wish to, post Brexit.

    Many thanks

  10. Is it an easier route ” bureaucracy wise” to use my EU Irish passport to obtain an NEI number ?

  11. Hi,
    My niece has an NIE from 2002 when she bought a flat here, so, she as the number, its on the Modelo 210 for 2020 that she paid last year, but no official NIE document can be found, is there anyway to check this number is on the Police records here in Marbella please? so that a duplicate NIE document can be provided?
    Many thanks

  12. Hi there, My son was born in Madird and is now 10 years old. He’s only ever had a British passport. I need to get him a NIE in order to get him a TIE right? Also, will he be able to get a NIE with a Post brexit passport? Thanks for your help. I need advice before I start the process..

    1. Hi

      He will get his nie when he applies for his tie. Please give the office a call on 0034 665556070 to discuss.

      Many Thanks


  13. Hi. I’m enquiring on behalf of my brother
    He is looking to apply for an NIE to open a bank account for future inheritance of my parents property in ibiza
    Is this something that can be done or is it a bit complexes

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