Do Children need a NIE Number?

do Children need a NIE Number in Spain
Children of any age can apply for a NIE Number

A question we get asked a lot here at MY NIE Number Spain.  Do Children need a NIE Number?

A Child of Any age can obtain a NIE Number certificate, even a bay if it has a photo Passport.


Obtaining a NIE Number is the same for a Child as it is for an adult.  You will need to fill our both forms, the NIE Number forms EX-15 & 790 and make an appointment at the local Police station. Need your NIE Number today? Visit our NIE Number home page to read more.

happy child gets a nie number
Getting a NIE Number for your child is easy

Do the Children have to come to the Police station with me to get their NIE Number in Spain?

We have heard varying reports if the Child needs to attend the police station NIE Number appointment.  Some Police stations in Spain will allow just the parents with a Valid passport and a valid passport of the Child to attend and other Police Stations, others have requested the child attends so they can compare the photo on the passport to the child.

As getting an appointment takes such a long time in Spain we do recommend taking your child with you to the NIE Number appointment.

happy girl child Gets her NIE Number
This happy child has just got her NIE Number

My Child will get bored waiting at the police station for their NIE Number appointment

Sometimes the wait at the police station can be a few hours, even with an appointment. We recommend taking something with you to keep your little ones amused and quite while waiting.

Child starts screaming waiting for NIE NUMBER
Its always best to take something with you to keep your child occupied during your Childs NIE Number appointment

Do I need to pay the TAX for my Childs NIE Number appointment?

Yes, unfortunately the same rules with regards to tax apply to adults as to children. You will need to take form 790 to the bank and pay the current fee.

Child paying NIE Number tax with form 790

Does my Child need a NIE Number?

Its almost unheard of for a child to be asked for their NIE Number in Spain, however some outside sports companies ask for it for insurance reasons. If you child has been asked for their NIE Number please let us know so we can update this page.

Children playing football with a NIE Number
You child maybe asked for their NIE Number to play sorts in some places for insurance reasons.

What happens if I’ve lost my Childs NIE Certificate?

Child looking for lost NIE Number
If you have lost your child’s NIE Number certificate you will need to reapply

If you have lost your child’s NIE Number certificate its the same as if you have lost your NIE Number certificate. You will need to make a new CITA PRIVA appointment at the police station, fill out the forms again and pay the relevant tax on the form 790.

Does a NIE Number expire?

How to i get a NIE Number

NIE Number forms translated into English



33 thoughts on “Do Children need a NIE Number?”

    1. Hi Beverley. There doesn’t seem to be a legal requirement for your Child to get a NIE Number, but it is true some out of school clubs have been asking for them. If you would like to get your Child a NIE Number please let us know and we can get this sorted for you. Many Thanks, Lisa.

        1. Hi Jason. Your child will need the Cert EU, which is residency and NIE in one package. Please feel free to give us a call if you would like to discuss further. Lisa

    1. Hi Louise. The children all need green residency cards. With this card they also get issued a NIE Number at the same time.

      1. Hi, I am not sure if I understand it right. Me and my wife ´ve got NIE but children no. We want to make an appointment for residencia. Can children get residencia without NIE?

  1. I was at the Social Security office today and if your child is not Spanish then they need to have a NIE in order to get a social security number in order to be fully registered in Spanish National Health care system.

    1. Hi Jessica.

      Yes your child will need a green nie which is officially called a certificate of the EU or reresidency. Once they have this they are covered under the Spanish health care system. If you would like us to book you a NIE Number appointment please use the NIE Number booking form on our website.

      Many thanks


    2. Was the same for my son, which is really weird because my wife got a health card without a NIE just with the empadronamiento… (This is in Barcelona, I have a “green card” being an EU citizen)

  2. Hi there!

    Which section i have to mark on 790 tasa document for baby who born in spain and i would like a nie for hím?

    -Asignación de Número de Identidad de Extranjero (NIE) a instancia del interesado.


    -Certificado de registro de residente comunitario o Tarjeta de residencia de familiar de un ciudadano de la Unión.

    Thank you very much

  3. Hi
    My name is Juan and I just move to Mallorca, I got an appointment to get my and my son’s NIE in Palma this Friday, do we need ours birth certificate???

  4. As Ireland are at level 5 lockdown they are not processing passport applications. Is it possible to obtain a NIE for my 3 month old son without his passport?

  5. hi..i am travelling to spain in 1 week time. my husband has green residency card and live and works in Spain. I also have green residency card. My 16 year old son just has British passport. Can i bring him with me as his grandma cannot look after him in UK? i can travel with my residency card under new travel rules. Will they allow my son too? thankyou

  6. My Son was born in Spain 2 years ago and has a Spanish Birth Certificate. He took my husband’s Irish Nationality until we can apply for Spanish citizenship. We were told last week by the local INSS office it’s compulsory for him to have a NIE. We have done some recent research and apparently it is not compulsory. Can you confim this and advise us where we can find relevant official information to back our findings up. Many Thanks

  7. Hello. I would like information about getting my 9 year old son a NIE.
    He was born in Madrid and has held a British Passport since birth. I recently tried to get him the TIE but They said it wasn’t possible without a NIE.
    My question is whether he can get a NIE since Brexit? or is there another way of obtaining a TIE? Thank you

  8. To add as a beneficiary for the local health card (tarjeta sanitaria), I was requested to produce NIE for my child. We live in Mallorca, Im a european citizen with the residence card.

  9. Are we obligated to provide child’s NIE for signing up for public school online
    P3?! 2 years ago we did it without but I hear different stories now🙈

    1. Hallo, ich habe gehört dass Kinder eine N.I.E. Nummer haben müssen in Spanien. Ich wollte die Nummern im spanischen Konsulat in Deutschland beantragen weil es leichter und schneller ist. Aber was muss ich als Grund auf dem Formular schreiben? Kinder können ja keine Häuser kaufen oder mieten oder solche Dinge machen. Also was für ein Grund muss ich angeben?

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