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Do i need a NIE Number to rent property in Spain?

Are you looking to rent a Property in Spain? But you don’t have your Spanish NIE Number?

Here at MY NIE number, getting your NIE Number in super quick time is our job. Visit our home page and use our Fast and Easy official NIE Number booking form to get your NIE Number appointment today.

renting property without a NIE Number
Renting property in Spain without a NIE Number can sometimes be difficult.

As we get asked this question a lot the office staff at My NIE have done a little digging around and have found the top 20 estate agents in Spain where you can rent a property, be it a house, villa or apartment without a Spanish NIE Number.

Our Top estate agents in Spain which don’t require you to have a NIE Number to rent a property.

Kyero Estate Agents

kyero spain property logo

Kyero estate agents is an online Portal property website covering Spain and Portugal. Most if its thousands of properties available, for rent and for sale, including villa’s, apartments and even caravans you do not need your Spanish NIE Number to rent for periods of up to 1 year.

The Spanish Estate Agent

No nie number required to rent a house from the Spanish Estate agents.

The Spanish Estate agent, again another online estate agent are very helpful with British Ex-pat’s and most properties on their books you won’t need a Spanish NIE Number to rent. Visit their website today to view thousands of properties across Spain.

Coast and Country estate agents Spain

Coast and country homes. You dont need a Spanish NIE number to rent a property from these people.

Coast and Country have offices in Alicante but also have an extensive website of Spanish Property. Do I need a Spanish NIE Number to rent a property via Coast and Country estate agents? No, Coast and country accept passport as an acceptable proof of identification.

Search Rightmove for Properties to rent in Spain

Search rightmove for properties to rent in Spain without a NIE Number

The worlds biggest online Spanish Property portal Rightmove has tens of thousands of properties listed on its books. Its easy to use website will tell you what identification you will need to rent a property in Spain and if you need your Spanish NIE Number.


No NIE Number required to rent a property from Cole estate agents Spain

Coles Spanish estate agents in based in the Andalucía region and has a great website for finding property that you don’t need your NIE Number for in Spain. Cole’s has helpful staff and you can send them a message via their website and they will get straight back to you.

So, be it your looking to rent a house, Villa or apartment in Spain the answer is you do not need your Spanish NIE Number to rent a property. But why not make life easier and get your Spanish NIE Number today? Visit our home poage to find out more.


Do i need a NIE Number to buy a property in Spain?

Can i open a Spanish bank account without a NIE Number?

Do i Need a NIE Number to buy a house in Spain

getting a NIE Number to buy a house in spain
If your thinking of buying a house in Spain you will certainly need your NIE Number.

If your thinking of buying a house, flat, apartment or villa in Spain you will most certainly need your Spanish NIE Number fast.

Failing to secure your Spanish NIE Number may mean your house sale falls through and you loose your deposit.

So, first of all just what is a Spanish NIE Number and Why do I need an NIE Number to buy property in Spain?

The NIE (Número de Identificación de Extranjero) is a Spanish tax identification number given by the Spanish authorities/police to any foreigner/Ex-pat.

The number is unique and personal and is used as a way of tracking an individual’s financial and official activities in Spain. It is a legal requirement for all resident and non-resident foreigners with financial, professional or social affairs in Spain – regardless of whether they are EU citizens or from a non-EU country to have a NIE Number.

So weather your  looking to buy a flat, apartment, villa or holiday home in Spain you 100% need to have your Paper A4 NIE number certificate in your hand before you can move forward. You will also need your NIE Number for connecting to the internet, opening a bank account in Spain , and connecting to the internet.

If your buying a house and need a NIE Number today you have come to the right website! Here at MY NIE Number spain getting your NIE Number for your house purchase is our number one job. Use our easy English Language NIE Number Booking form today.

My NIE Number Spain asked several estate agents in Spain about getting your NIE Number before buying a property.

Lilly Allen Jones from Bunkers estate agents Based in Benidorm Said

‘Yes, its very important to get your Spanish NIE Number before even viewing houses in Spain. If you don’t have your paper certificate NIE Number in your hand and you like a property you risk loosing that property because the wait time at the police station and on the Spanish booking website can be very slow.’

Mark Jenkins from Jenkins estate agents said:

‘Its vitally important to get your NIE Number at the earliest opportunity as you do risk loosing your deposit if you make an offer on a villa, house or apartment and it falls through.’

Mike Short from short man and co Estate agents said

‘We have had so many sales fall through because ex-pats have not had there NIE Number sorted before they come to Spain. Its so very important you book your NIE Number through the official NIE Number website’

Can i open a Spanish bank account without a NIE Number?

Photo’s of Spanish NIE Numbers

More information about buying a house in Spain

Houses in Spain you will need a NIE Number to buy

Villa needs NIE Number to BuyYou will certainly need your Spanish NIE Number to buy this beautiful Villa in Santa Ana, Menorca, Balearic Islands. Read more on the Rightmoves website


Can I open a bank account without a NIE Number in Spain?

Do I need a NIE Number to Open a Bank Account in Spain?

A question we get asked here at my NIE Number Spain is: Can I get a bank account without getting a NIE Number in Spain?

The answer is YES, but its so much easier with a NIE Number. Using our fast secure service getting your NIE Number booking in less than 24hrs. Visit our home page to read more or Click the book now button to place your order today.

Here are our top Banks in Spain that you don’t need a NIE Number to open a bank account.

Banc Sabadell

bank Sabadell no NIE Number required for bank account
You wont need a Spanish NIE Number to open a bank account with Sabadell. They also have an english helpline.

Bank Sabadell offers a non resident account which you don’t need your Spanish NIE for. Its a free account and can be opened same day.

Positives: Its Free

Negatives: Expect to wait up to 3 weeks for your card

Caixa Bank

Caixa bank account no NIE Number needed
You don’t need a Spanish NIE Number to get a bank account at Caixa Bank in Spain

Caixa bank also offers a Free no charge to Uk residents bank account with very little ID Required. You will need to show your passport and proof of where you live.

To live in Spain its much easier and convenient if you have your Spanish NIE Number. You will need it to buy a house, rent a property, register a car and a whole host of other monetary operations.


bbva no NIE Number required for bank account
You wont need a Spanish NIE Number to walk into any BBVA bank and open a Bank Acoount.

BBVA bank offer a number of Spanish Bank accounts that you don’t need a Spanish NIE Number to obtain. They also offer free accounts, online and mobile banking, no fee debit and credit cards and English telephone support.

Santander Bank Spain

Santander bank account spain no NIE Number needed.
You don’t need a Spanish NIE Number to open a Santander Bank account in Spain

You have two options with Santander Bank. You don’t need a NIE Number for either. Open a UK account with no NIE Number or open a Spanish non resident account with no NIE Number. Its really simple and you can up up online.

Bankia Bank Spain

bank bank no resident no NIE Number account
Looking to open a Spanish Bank account but don’t have a NIE Number? Its fine at Bankia Bank as you don’t need one as a non resident

Good News. You don’t need a Spanish NIE Number to open a bank account with Bankia. It offers a range of services including credit and debit cards, mortgages and No NIE number is required for a basic bank account.

Banco Popular Spain

no NIE NUMBER account banco popular
Need a Spanish bank account but don’t have a Spanish NIE Number? Banco Popular offers a number of services for people who don’t have a NIE Number in Spain. Either visit there website or call in at any high street branch

Need a Bank account in Spain but don’t have a NIE Number? You can either get your NIE Number by visiting our homepage, or with Banco Popular you don’t need a NIE Number at all to open a bank account.  Banco popular offer a range of services from simple bank accounts, debit cards and credit cards to mortgages and health insurance.

do i need a NIE NUMBER to open a bank account in spain
You don’t need a NIE Number in Spain to open a Bank Account.

We hope the list above will help you get a Spanish bank account without getting your NIE Number. But why not visit our home page today and see why getting your NIE Number is easy and fast.

What Else can you do without a NIE Number?

Buy a house or Flat: Without a Spanish NIE Number you can not buy a house, flat or Villa in Spain

Connect to the internet: Without a Spanish NIE Number some companies will not let you connect to there services such as wifi and landline telephone.

Register a car in Spain: Without your Spanish NIE Number you will not be able to register a car in Spain. Get your Spanish NIE Number today using our easy system.

Get car insurance in Spain: Without a Spanish NIE Number you will find it difficult to get a Spanish car insurance so its always best to get your NIE Number sorted quickly.

Work: You can not legally work in Spain without a NIE Number. Apply for your Spanish NIE Number as soon as possible so you cant start working straight away.



Get your Spanish NIE Number today

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Getting your Spanish NIE Number in Jalon Valley

Have you Just Arrived in the Jalon Valley, and need your Spanish NIE Number in Spain? Having your NIE Number is extremely important in Spain. Its used for getting car insurance, buying property, being connected to the internet and getting a job in Spain. Getting your NIE Number in the Jalon Valley is important if you want to start working as soon as you arrive.

Jalon Valley NIE Number
If your moving to the Jalon Valley you will need your Spanish NIE Number

Luckily you have landed on the MY NIE Number website. Getting people there NIE Numbers is our job. Visit our home page to read more or get your NIE Number today by filling out our simple booking form.

About the Jalon Valley and how to get your NIE Number

Getting your NIE Number in the Jalon Valley is easy! But first let us tell you a little bit about the area, its attractions and how to find it.

The Jalon Valley, made up of many small towns including  Jalon, Parcent, Alcalali and Liber which is also known as the Vall de Pop can be found on the Costa Blanca Spain. It Takes around a  30 minutes drive from Benidorm and an hour from alicante.

In the centre of the Jalon Valley, also known as Xalo, you will find the beautiful town of Jalon, which is the centre of the Jalon Valley. In the old days under the Arabic ruling class the town had two castles built in Moorish style.  Its tipical Spanish houses along narrow streets lead upto the Chruch Santa Maria. Topped with huge blue domes like those in Altea it can be seen for miles across.

Jalon has a market every Tuesday which is held in the square  around the old fountain.  The Bright crystal blue Jalon River runs through the cente of Jalon and has two town bridges. If your looking for the tourist information centre it can be found aside the river in the town centre. The good news is you don’t always need a Spanish NIE Number to use the facilities in Jalon Valley.

Get your Spanish NIE number in Madrid

Just outside the town of Jalon you will find a small town called Alcalali.
This village, Arabic in orion is tiny at just 14km2.  Most of the village social life centres around the 15th century tower which houses the church and the Grape Museum (Museu de la Pansa).

The Church tower in Alcalai was built as a lookout for invasions by pirates. No, not capatain hook the 15th Century type.  On the top floor of the tower is a open mirador with amazing views across the town.

If your interested in visiting a museum while your in Alcalali there’s one  located in the old oil press that shows the history of oil and wine production. Its very interesting indeed.

The main River which crosses the area is called the Gorgos. Its vitally important to local agriculture and tourism. The river has kept the farmland fertile and fed the many riverside allotments. You will find the Arabic influence is still very much in show in Alcalali with narrow, steep streets. Many of the houses still have wrought iron windows and doors.

According to local historical records kept in the old town hall, the first church in Alcalalí was built in 1577.  A second church followed in 1582, and the current Parish Church of the Nativity of Our Lady was built between 1768 and 1808. The first Spanish NIE Number was issued in the Jalon Valley in 1999.

The church contains images of great historical and artistic value, such as the image of Cristo de la Salud. One can also visit the parish museum which contains antique priests’ robes and costumes from the Lihori family and, amongst other things of interest, a library of the history of the church.

Here at MY NIE Number we like to meet some of our very valued and loyal customers. This week while on Visit to the Jalon Valley we stopped to see Sue Weaver, a widower who moved to the Jalon Valley last year with her dog toby. We asked her about her Experience getting a NIE Number in the Jalon Valley.

Q; Hi sue, so how are you finding it living here?

A: I’m really enjoying the Spanish way of life.  I have a part time job (that’s why I needed my NIE Number) and I rent a flat here. I’ve met lots of good friends.

Q: You booked your NIE Number using our NIE number website website booking form. How did you find that?

A: I found your NIE NUMBER website on Google.  I found the NIE Number website really easy to use and if your looking to get a NIE Number online I highly recommend it.

My NIE Number website would like to thank Sue Weaver for using our fast and secure NIE Number booking service and we hope she enjoys many years in spain.

Get you NIE Number today

Getting your NIE Number in Benidorm, Alicante

Getting your NIE Number in Arcos de la Frontera, Andalucia

Getting your NIE Number in Arcos de la Frontera, Andalucia  is easy using our service. Visit our home page to read more and use our easy booking for to apply within 24hrs. Click the home button above to read more about MY NIE website.

Getting a NIE Number inArcos de la Frontera
You don’t need your Spanish NIE Number to visit Arcos de la Frontera

Here at MY NIE we like to go traveling around and meet some of our valued customer. This week we went to visit mother and son team Jakie and Stewart to find out how using our service they managed to get there NIE Number and open a bar in Arcos de la Frontera, Andalucia.

White villages (known as the pueblos blancos in spain)  in Andalucía are common place but the Arcos de la Frontera, Declared a national historic-artistic monument in 1962 is  perched high on a hill side really does set the Spanish seen beautifully.

Boasting whitewashed town houses and  huge stone walls backing up to a  sheer cliff face  the town looks down to the river Guadalete below.

The impressive looking old town with cobbled streets and quirky houses and cafes lead you up to the castle (Castillo de los Arcos) where you can find an impressive view over the hills and mountains.

The town is no buzzing tourist or industrial hub there days but  during its time under the Moors it was one of its most successful towns in the area.

We asked Jackie and Stewart there thoughts on our service

Q: So guys, you used our service to get your Spanish NIE Numbers in  Arcos de la Frontera. How did you find the service? Did you Find the NIE Number booking website easy to use?

A: We loved your service! It was so quick and simple. We needed our Spanish NIE Numbers urgently as we had jobs lined up but couldn’t start until we had our paper NIE Certificate. We got a phone call within 20 minutes of placing the order which we was surprised and by the next day we was booked in at the Police Station. We had our Spanish NIE Numbers in 4 weeks from the date we placed our orders.

Q: Would you recommend our NIE Number service to other people?

A: Yes, we certainly would. There’s so many Company’s on the web offering the service to get your Spanish NIE Number, but your website was the cheapest and fastest and we found it really easy to use.

Q: How do you find working in Spain now you have your NIE Number?

A: Now we have our Spanish NIE Number paper certificate its much easier for us to get jobs. Unfortunately the bar Stewart was working in closed down so he needed to get another job, and fast. As he already had his NIE Number this made the whole process much easier.

Q: Do you think a lot of Ex-pats moving to Spain Fully understand the process and why they need a NIE Number?

A: Jackie replied: No, we think a lot of people are confused about how to get a NIE Number in Spain. That’s why we liked your website so much as it made the process so quick and simple.

Q: How was your experience at the Police Station when you went to get your NIE Number?

A: We was a little nervous at first to be honest. The police station was busy. Thank you for the map you sent us it made getting to the Police station much easier, we would never have found it otherwise.  Once we was called up we gave in our paperwork and showed our passports. We was told to come back in the afternoon and our Spanish NIE Number was printed off waiting for us to collect. We was very happy.

Q: Did any of the NIE Number process surprise you?

A: We was surprised how quick we got a phone call from MY NIE. it was really quick within 20 minutes. So many people had mentioned that the NIE Number is a green card so we was surprised it was printed on A4 paper. We looked back at the website and did notice you say it is not a card.

Q: Now you have your NIE Number where do you keep it?

A: Now we have our numbers we keep a photo copy on us all the time and we also have a photo of the certificate on our phones.  Our original NIE Number certificates are kept in the safe in case we need them for official use one day.

We had a lovely afternoon with Jackie and Stewart talking about there NIE Number experience in Arcos de la Frontera . We wish them every luck with there new life in Spain.



Need your NIE Number today?

Press Release NIE Number

With just 286 days & 15hrs to go British Ex-pats are flocking to get their Spanish NIE Numbers Pre-Brexit to prove their residency in Spain.

Getting your NIE Number in Spain
Have you got your Spanish NIE Number?

The NIE number known as the Número de Identificación de Extranjero is a Spanish tax identification number given by the Spanish authorities to foreigner’s. Its required to buy property, get car insurance and use internet companies in Spain. Its also required before you can work legally in Spain.

Online Company MY NIE Who specialises in getting ex-pats in Spain their NIE Number said they have seen a ten fold increase in enquires since the Exit vote and a 50% increase in orders.

Lisa Hill, Managing director of website MY NIE said: ‘ We have certainty seen an increase in enquires since the UK voted to leave. The current uncertainty over Ex-pat rights in Spain is worrying and those thinking of moving to Spain are snapping up there NIE Numbers just in case. NIE Numbers are issued by the Spanish police and an Appointment is required. Some police stations in Spain now have a 2/3 month wait for appointments up from 3 weeks this time last year. We can only see this trend growing over the next year.’

Brits Living in Spain Statistics

There were 306,000 UK-born people with residency in Spain in 2015, according to the European statistics agency Eurostat, which used figures reported by Spanish authorities.

The number of UK citizens living in Spain in the same year was very similar, at almost 302,000, according to the same source.

The number of Brits living in Spain was higher before the financial crisis hit – more than 351,000 in 2008. If you take into account people who spend part of the year there, the figure is certainly higher, but there are no reliable, up-to-date statistics available on that.

Around one-third of British resident’s in Spain receive the UK state pension.
The UN estimates that there were 1.2 million UK-born people living in other EU countries, including Spain, in 2017. That figure is based on the 2015 census.
If you take into account UK-born people who spend part of the year in another EU country, the figure is certainly higher, although there are no up-to-date estimates of this.


My NIE Number Spain is the fastest growing online NIE Number service on the web.

What sets MY NIE Number service ahead of the rest? Our budget £20 price tag! With some online companies charging up to £200 per person our discount fast service is the best value for money on the internet.


How to get a NIE Number in Benidorm


How to get a NIE Number in Denia Spain

Denia can be found north of Javea and is the most very northern part of the Costa Blanca in the Alicante Province. Locals say the sun  shines here 320 days a year making it the sunniest place in Spain.

If you have just moved to Denia or are thinking of buying a property here the first thing you will need is a NIE Number.

Here at we are specialist in getting peoples NIE Numbers sorted out in super quick time.  Complete just one simple NIE NUMBER BOOKING FORM on our website and we will do the rest of the work for you.

NIE Number serviced Denia Spain

We will make the appointment at the Police station for you, complete all the NIE Number paperwork and email it over to you. All you will have to do is print it off and arrive at the police station at the time of your appointment and show your identification (passport).

Need help getting your NIE Number in Denia? Use our fast NIE Number booking form today and get your appointment within 24hrs.

Click here to get your NIE Number in Denia today

Visiting Denia

The staff at our NIE Number website like to go traveling around Spain, discover new places and meet some of our lovely customers. This week we took a trip to Denia to sample its history, nightlife and culture.

Getting your NIE Number in Denia

About Denia

Denia, situated on the Costa Blanca Spain, and famous for its multi coloured bars, restaurants and houses, boasts some of the areas best beaches with over 20kms worth of sandy shore to choose from. Awarded the European blue flag in 2018 for its water quality and clean sands, Denia’s beaches are a tourist attraction in them self.

Denia’s clear waters are ideal for people who like diving or snorkelling and the good news is to use most services in Denia you wont need a Spanish NIE Number.

Things to do in Denia

Our first stop of the day and no, you don’t need your Spanish NIE Number for this was to Denia Castle. Denia’s caste dates back to the 11th century, with reformation in the 15th century.  Sadly some of the castle was destroyed in the great Spanish war but its still a great place to visit and take in the views across Denia.

The castle is open daily but times cary depending on the seasons. The current cost of admission is £3 for adults and £2 for children and the elderly. The good news is you wont need a NIE Number to visit.

Museums in Denia

Next we moved onto the Denia Toy Museum, located ln the train station building on Calderon Street,  which is open every day, but only in the mornings. The Museum is tiny but showcases all the dolls the town was once famous for producing.

Most of the toys on display are 20th century handmade from wood and metal. They also have a unique selection of dolls made in Denia in the 1930’s. You will need to set aside around an hour for your visit but its an hour well spent.

Restaurants and bars in Denia

Denia is World renowned for its brightly coloured restaurants, bars and cafes, you certainly wont be without choice here. You can find everything from a quick coffee, to tapas restaurants to high end dining in Denia.

The MY NIE Number team took lunch at  Restaurant No. 11 on the main street in old town. We can highly recommend it.

Parks and outdoor space in Denia 

In the afternoon we moved onto the Montgó Natural Park which can be found just outside Denia.  This park is famous for its wild birds, and protected Flora and fauna.  Keep your eyes open for its wild owls, badgers and rabbits and we recommend taking a camera to capture the beauty of your visit.

You don’t need a NIE Number to visit the bars and restaurants in Denia, Spain.

Weather in Denia

Weather chart Denia Spain

In Denia, the summers are warm, muggy, dry, and mostly clear and the winters are long, cool, windy, and partly cloudy. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 48°F to 82°F and is rarely below 41°F or above 87°F.

The MY Nie Number team left Denia with a smile on our Faces. We will certainly be returning soon!

What some of our customers in Denia say about our NIE Number service.

Jon and Brad Jackson are brothers who moved to Denia in 2017. They Said:

‘We really enjoyed the experience of getting oujr Spanish NIE Numbers from MY NIE number website. It was fast and simple and made life easy. Thanks a lot to the MY NIE Number team!’

Lisa and Steven Brickenhead also moved to Denia in 2017 and needed their Spanish NIE Number. They Say:

‘Using the NIE Number website was easy, fast and most of all cheap compared to other services. We put our details into the form late at night but by midday the next day we had our appointment at the Police Station and we was all set ready to go for our new life in sunny Spain. We highly recommend it!’


How to get a NIE Number in Malaga

How to get a NIE Number in Benidorm

How to get a NIE Number in Murcia 

How to Get a NIE Number in Valencia

Getting your NIE Number in Moraira

Welcome to Spain! Have you just Landed in Moraira to start your new dream life in the sun? You have a job sorted and a new home to move into.

But have you Got your Spanish NIE Number yet?

Here at sorting your NIE Number is our number one job! All you have to do is fill in one form on our website, pay the £20 admin fee and we will sort the rest for you.

Ready to order your Spanish NIE Number? Use our NIE NUMBER BOOKING FORM WEBSITE 

getting nie in Morirah
Getting your NIE Number in Moraira is easy with our fast website service

The my NIE Number team like to go out and meet our customers. This week we went to Visit Mark and Julia Hodson who moved to Spain from Newcastle and used the service at We ask them about Moraira,  why they needed a Spanish NIE Number and how they found our service.

Mark and Julia Hodson moved to Moraira in January 2017 from there hometown of Newcastle in the North of England. Before they moved out they both had secured jobs, and organised to rent a flat in Moraira. But did they have there Spanish NIE Number?

We asked Julia and Mark some questions before moving on to explore Moraira.

Q: Did you get your Spanish NIE Number before you Moved to Moraira?

A: We found the MY NIE NUMBER website by searching Google. We really enjoyed the simple way the website was written, and the quick and easy booking form made it so simple. We took time to read through the NIE Number website and found it very informative.

After we put our details in Lisa Called us and gave us pour appointment date. She filled our all our NIE Number paperwork and emailed it over with a handy Guide.

Q: What was it like when you went to the police station to get your NIE Number?

A: We walked in and sat down until our number was called. Once we was called up it was a two minute job. We showed the police our passports and was told to come back in the afternoon. We went back around 1pm and our NIE Numbers were waiting for us. We was very happy with the service provided by MY NIE Number.

Q: Would you recommend to your friends to get their NIE Number in Spain?

A: Yes we certainly would. We feel we have been given really great service and we got our Spanish NIE Numbers in super quick time.

We left Julia and mark to their life in the sun and decided to go out with the NIE Number Spain team and explore Moraira.

Moraira is a old Spanish Fishing village located La Marina. Its roughly 80km from  Alicante and 110km North from Valencia.  The nearest main city is Barcelona which is 400km away.  Moraira has to be  one of the most unspoilt seaside resorts on the Costa Blanca, Spain,  with almost 8km of picturesque coastline and beached all framed by its famous mountains. A huge number of Ex-pats (British people living abroad) live in Moraira. Getting your Spanish NIE Number in Moraira is easy with our NIE Number website.

Beaches in Moraira

Moraira has a number of great beaches to enjoy all year round, they include the sandy torre cap dor, the ampulla which is  located near the old ruins of a castle and the rocky boulder beach called the L’Andragó.  All the beaches in Moraira have a good reputation and have won awards for cleanliness and water quality. Unfortunatly we didn’t get much time to spend on the beach as we was busy getting peoples NIE Numbers for them. Sort of a bus mans holiday.

Things to do in Moraira if you don’t have an NIE Number.

There’s lots to do in Moraira even if you don’t have your Spanish NIE Number yet. Check out our top places to visit below:

Have a night on the tiles and check out Moraira’s night life

The best part about being in Moraira even without your Spanish NIE Number is  letting your hair down. Ok you may not be on holiday but whilst your waiting for your NIE appointment you might as well visit a nightclub or a disco.

If you are unfamiliar with the Spanish pubs and clubs scene look for a “discoteca” and not a “Club” which is actually the Spanish phrase to describe a brothel!

Moraira is a upmarket down but luckily not snobby.  You can have a  wild and hedonistic night in Moraira similar to the type of night you might have in Benidorm or Alicante.

How do I get a Spanish NIE Number?

I need a NIE Number fast

Getting your Spanish NIE Number in San Sebastian

Have you just Moved to the Fantastic town of San Sebastian? Escaped the UK’s Awful weather, high taxes and miserable people? Maybe you have secured your self a job with a Company in San Sebastian or buying a House. The first thing you will need is a Spanish NIE Number. Without your Spanish NIE Number in San Sebastian you wont be able to get a work contract, by a car or rent a home


Here at my NIE we are the leading number one budget NIE Service. For just £20 we can sort all your NIE Number paperwork and make the appointment at the police station. All you need to do is turn up on the date we send you at the police station and present your Passport. Ready to get your Spanish NIE Number? Use our easy NIE Number booking form and a representative will call you within 24hrs.

The MY NIE Number team fancied a day out so went to visit the town of San Sebastian. Check out our review below.

Getting your NIE Number in San Sebastian

You don’t need  your Spanish Nie Number to visit San Sebastian, located in the Basque country of Northern Spain (12 miles from the French Border)  is the capital of the Gipuzko province.  The Local people are known as ‘donostiarra’.  It has a current population of 190,000 people.  It’s an amazing place to visit, located just off the coast of the Bay of Biscay this is a photographic Spanish seaside town. San Sebastian boasts amazing clean and sandy beaches and some of the top restaurants in Northern Spain. Despite only being a small town/city its hosts all year round events such as the San Sebastian International Film Festival and was the international city of culture in 2016.

San Sebastian’s Old Town is home to many historic buildings, rebuilt in the 19th century following the Napoleonic War. In San Sebastian you will also find some of the best beaches in Europe, the most famous being the Playa de la Concha, which offers great opportunities for  sunbathing and water activities like scuba diving, sailing and water boarding.

Weather in San Sebastian

You wont need your Spanish NIE Number to enjoy the weather in San Sebastian.

San Sebastian gets on average roughly 100 mm (3.94 in) of rain during the winter months. The Average verage temperatures range from 8.9 °C (48.0 °F) in winter to 21.5 °C (70.7 °F) in the heat of the Summer.

You wont need your Spanish NIE NUMBER to enjoy the weather in San Sebastian.

Things to do In San Sebastian

You don’t need your Spanish NIE Number from the police to enjoy activity’s in San Sebastian. We have put together a must do List of Activities for your day out in San Sebastian Spain.  If you think we have missed any out please get in touch as tell us.

Visit San Sebastian’s Famous Beaches

Beach San Sebastian
If you already have your Spanish NIE Number you don’t need to panic. Spend a day on San Sebastian’s many beaches.

So you now have your Spanish NIE Number, you have your job and house and here comes your first day off. What do you do? Visiting some of San Sebastian’s famous beaches is a Must.  The La Concha beach is probably the best known and popular beach in San Sebastian. It is known world wide for its perfectly arced bay and safe swimming waters .It was voted in 2018 as  Europe’s best urban beach.

Other beaches in San Sebastian include the Ondarreta Beach, which you access via a tunnel from La Concha Beach and Zurriola Beach. The Zurriola beach is more requested by locals and younger people than tourists.

Visit San Sebastian’s under water Aquarium

If your Scared of Sharks this is maybe not the place for you. But, if it doesn’t bother you head over to the San Sebastian Aquarium and check out thefluoro jellyfish and other sea monsters . Walk through the underwater tunnels and experience another world. And the best thing is it doesn’t matter if you have your Spanish Nie number of not. Its best to allow at least an hour for your visit.

You wont need your Spanish NIE Number to visit the Parque de Cristina Enea in San Sebastian.

parque san sebastian
No NIE Number required to visit the parque san Sebastian

The Parque San Sebastian was buildt by the Duke of Mandas in memory of his beloved wife. San Sebastians Parque de Cristina Enea is one of the most visited area by both locals and tourists alike. The parque is layed out in a formal sytle and displays ornamental plants, a duck pond and wild peacocks. Its many  open lawns and wooded paths make for a great afternoon walk about, past towering red sequoias and a magnificent Lebanese cedar to name but a few of the tropical plants on display.  Wangt to know how to get to the Parque San Sebastian? Follow the map below.

Do you like museums? Visit the San Sebastian San Telmo Museoa

Museum san sebastian
So you have your Spanish NIE NUMBER and now you want to visit some museums. The Museum San Sebastian is a must.

Do you like museums? Then a Visit to San Sebastian without visiting the San Telmo Museoa is a social crime!

The museum was named the best museums in the Basque Country in 2018, and has a thought-provoking collection of history and culture in all its glory.

The exhibitions at the San Telmo Museoa are mixed between a restored convent thought to date back to the 16th century, and a cutting-edge modern area.  The art collection displays historical artifacts  and bold fusions of contemporary works.

Click here to visit The San Sebastian San Telmo Museoa Website

Visit the Peine del Viento sculpture in San Sebastian, the symbol of the City.

Peine del Viento sculpture in San Sebastian
It doesn’t matter if you have your Spanish NIE Number or not visit the Peine del Viento sculpture in San Sebastian

A Visit to San Sebastian would seem fruitless without a visit to its iconic sea staues, the Peine del Viento sculpture (wind comb).

Found just below the Monte Igueldo the famous  work’s of Basque sculptor and artist Eduardo Chillida and architect Luis Peña Ganchegui Can be found.

The sculptures are made from large iron work shapes anchored down by pink granite, and is spread across three nearby sites in the San Sebastian area. We think its certainly worth a look.

We very much enjoyed our trip to San Sebastian with the MY NIE NUMBER team. We look forward to returning again in the future.

Need a NIE NUMBER in Valencia?

How to get a Spanish NIE Number 

How do I get a NIE Number in Alicante?

How to get a NIE Number in Torrevieja

Getting your Spanish NIE Number in Valenica

Are you thinking of moving to Spain to set up a new life in the sun? Long sunny days, hours spent on the beach and less work and tax to pay. But the one thing you may not have thought of is do you have your Spanish NIE Number yet for your new life in Valencia?

Getting your NIE NUMBER in Valencia is easy with our quick simple service

You will need your Spanish NIE Number to undertake a number of tasks in Spain, including getting a job, buying a car, house, or even getting connected to the internet.

How to get a NIE Number in Valencia  Spain

Here at MY NIE getting you set up with your NIE Number in Valencia in super quick time is our number one aim. 

Click here to get your NIE Number in Valencia Today 

About Valencia, our trip to visit the city

So, its mid summer and to be honest we are a little over whelmed with the number of Spanish NIE Bookings we are getting this year… We think its time for a break. The team and I have decided to go and explore Valencia which is bursting with night-life, art, culture, shopping, a great range of beaches and boutique hotels, none of which you will need your Spanish NIE Number to enjoy.

Were going to be honest, we arrived about 8pm, booked into our hotel, The Vincii Palace in the old town. Reasonably priced at 116 euros a night via the website, the rooms were large and spacious, very clean and well maintained and had everything we needed. Including a mini Bar….

After a few miniature bottles of champagne from the mini bar,  we checked the hotel staff all had there Spanish NIE Numbers in place and  we feel asleep exhausted by our travels. We had our passports and Spanish NIE Numbers safely tucked away in our room safe (which came free) and snoozed the night away.

We was up early the next morning. Remembering to take our passports and Spanish NIE Numbers with us in case they was needed.

Our first task of the day was to find the Holy Grail (Holy Chalice) of Spanish NIE Numbers. Not Many People even believe the Holy Grail exists let alone the fact it was supposed to have been drank out of at the last supper, but it is thought it is kept in the cathedral in Valencia.

We headed out of the old town and towards the cathedral in Valencia, located on Barchilla street.  You can get access between the hours of 10.30am-1pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday and from 6pm-8pm on Thursdays.  The Cathedral and the chapel the holy Grail is housed in has been completed refurbished over the centuries and really is something special to see. We didn’t require a NIE Number for entry.


Next stop was for some traditional Valencia food. Did you know Valencia is the ledged birth place of Paella? We stopped off in a little restaurant called El Toro. The locals tell us the Paella is out of this world so we trundle along trying to find this tiny Spanish restaurant.

On a back street, down a cobbled Spanish lane we find the rather tierd looking el Toro. We are welcomed by a traditional Spanish man wearing Spanish attire and are promptly seated. The wine starts to flow, the Paella is served and a great time was had all round! It was interesting speaking to the owner Carlos over the number of British people in Spain who need there NIE Number booked.

In the evening we hit the Valencian night life, checked out the many fantastic bars in the city and checked that all the bar staff Had there Spanish NIE Numbers ready (were always ready to help people who need there NIE Number sorted quickly and Cheaply)  We followed the top ten Bars in Valencia guide and needless to say by the end we was rather unwell.

We woke the next day with a hangover from hell. Valencia was great and we made some great contacts. We managed to get two people appointments on the website to get there Spanish NIE Number in Valencia as well.

Unfortunately some of the things we planned to do in Valencia was left out.. (yes owing to a hurting head) But we cant but mention the one we really regret seeing the Apple Museum in Valencia.

The Apple Museum

This may see a little geeky to some but Valencia actually boasts its own apple (the computer company not the fruit) Museum. Click on the link above to visit the website and find directions.

Apple Museum Valencia NIE Number website
You don’t need your NIE Number to visit the Apple Museum in Valencia

Here at MY NIE Number we like to meet some of our customers. This week we meet Pedro who moved to Valencia from South London and needed his Spanish NIE Number.

Q: Hi Pedro, how are you and how are you enjoying living in Valencia?

A:  Hey, im loving live in Valencia, Spain. I now have a good job and a nice flat in the city centre. Live here is relaxed and calm and I like it very much.

Q: You used our NIE Number service back in January this year how did you find it?

A: It was so easy to get my Spanish NIE Number using your system. It was so quick and simple. I placed my Order at 11am and by 3pm I was booked in and had all my paperwork in place. I was really happy with your service.

Q: Would you recommend our NIE Number service to your friends?

A: Yes, I met some people in the local café the other day and they desperately needed there NIE Number. I recommended your service.


How to get a NIE Number in Malaga

How to get a NIE Number in Benidorm/Alicante

NIE Number information 

Lost NIE Number, what do i do?

Have you Lost your NIE Number certificate?
Loosing your NIE Number certificate can be a nightmare. Book a NEW NIE Number appointment online today.

Your white A4 NIE Number paper certificate (not a green card as some people call it) is a very important document when your living in Spain.

In Spain you will need it constantly, for getting connected to the internet, getting a new phone contract and even renting or buying a house. If you have lost your NIE Number certificate (the white paper that is stamped with your NIE Number on) you will need to request a new NIE certificate from the Police.

Getting a replacement certificate for your lost Spanish NIE Number and getting the NIE number replacement should be quick and easy as its already been given and the police just needs to run a search on their database to get it back.

If the Police search doesn’t come back with any results with your name you will need to get another NIE Number certificate.

If  you manage to remember the number or keep a photocopy of the original certificate it will be much easier to request a new certificate. It will show up straight away in the data base at the police station.

Having the number to hand will speed up the process at the Police Station and you´ll have your new certificate Fast.

This is what your Lost NIE Number certificate will look like

How do I get a New NIE Number certificate?

To get a replacement for your old NIE Number certificate you will need to basically go through the same process as getting the original once.  You will need to fill in the forms, make an appointment at your local police station and pay the same taxes/fee’s

Have you been asked to provide the original NIE Number Certificate and you have lost it?

Book an NIE Number appointment online Now


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Moving to Spain and need a NIE Number

What is a Spanish NIE Number?

I have my NIE Number, What Next?

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NIE Number Seville

Guide to how to get a NIE Number in Seville

Have you just moved to Seville? Brought a house or Looking for a job? Maybe your thinking of setting up a business and becoming self employed in Spain.

So, you have shipped over the sofa, the kitchen sink and the dog at great expense.

But there’s one thing you may have forgotten. Have you got your Spanish NIE Number? Thousands of brits moved to Saville each year and they all need a Spanish NIE Number to work here or buy property. Here at my NIE were experts in getting your NIE Number sorted, quick and fast. Moving companies Seville.


Click here to use our NIE Number booking form.

Here at MY NIE we like to go traveling so we jumped in the car and spent a day in Seville. Check out our tour below which is A guide to what to do on your trip to Seville including the best bars, restaurants, hotels and things to do, and how to visit Alcázar palace, Bellas Artes Museum and the Museum of Flamenco

You wont need your Spanish NIE Number to visit Seville

Seville is the largest city in the Andalusian region of Spain and can be found on the plain of the river Guadalquivir. The people of Seville are known locally as Sevillanos or Hispalenses after the local roman town of Hispalis.

Seville has a population of about 697,000 and a metropolitan population of about 1.5 million, making it the fourth-largest city in Spain and the 30th most populous municipality in the European Union.

Seviles old town covers an area of around 4sq kilometres and has 3 World heritage sites: Alcázar palace complex, the Cathedral and the General Archive of the Indies. You can get your Spanish NIE number at the Police Station in Old town.

Seville’s harbour is  found around 50 miles from the Atlantic Ocean and is the only river port in Mainland Spain.

Seville is also the hottest major City area in Western Europe, with summer average high temperatures of above 35 °C (95 °F).

weather chart seville
You wont need your Spanish NIE Number to enjoy the amazing weather in seville

History of Seville

Seville was discovered by the Romans and called the city of Hispalis. Latter renamed  as Ishbiliya after the Muslims took over in 712.  After America was discovered, Seville became one of the main economic areas of the Spanish Empire.

Making friends in Seville

Making friends in Seville even with your Spanish NIE Number could be difficult. Its a well known saying that the people of Seville will be the first people to invite you into their homes but the last people to tell you where they live.

Things to do in Seville

Visit the Seville Cathedral

Cathedral seville
Take your Spanish NIE number along to the Spanish Cathedral in Seville

Seville Catheral was built in 1401 and displays  beautiful architectural flourishes, relics and historical curios. It has  80 different chapels and is the largest cathedral in the world by footage and recently made a World Heritage site.

A Mosque once stood on this spot called the court of Oranges where muslins were said to perform there abluations.

There are also hints of the mosque that once stood on this spot, especially in the Court of the Orange trees on the north side, where Muslims once performed ablutions.  Here you will also find the tomb of Christopher Columbus.

Visit the La Giralda in Seville

sights in seville
You don’t need your Spanish NIE Number to go and view the sites in Seville

One of the main Tourist attractions in Seville is the Giralda which has Moorish origins being the minaret for the former mosque.. The Giralda is the bell-tower next-door to the Cathedral, and you can purchase a ticket to go to the top.

The Giralda has Moorish origins, being the minaret for the former mosque on the site.

You might be surprised to find there are no steps in the bell tower but 25 sloping ramps take you to the top. It is thought this was because Muezzin who led the call to prayer each day could ride his horse up the tower instead of walking. The lazy bugger. At the top is one of the best views you will ever see.

Visit the Real Alcázar


You wont need your Spanish NIE Number to visit the Real-Alcazar

The Real-Alcazar is a  UNESCO-listed world heritage site. The complex is still in use by the Spanish royal family today and used as their chambers, state rooms and halls.  For a small fee you can visit the rooms inside. Can I get my NIE Number at the Real-Alcarza?

Most of the complex is deced out in the Mudéjar style and was developed by Pedro the Cruel sometime during the 14th-century. You will find amazing views of the grounds  from the elevated Grutesco Gallery.

Visit the Plaza de España

spanish nie number at the Plaza
They wont ask you for your Spanish NIE Number at the Plaza

The Plaza de España (Palace of Spain), a semi-circular plaza was made for thr American Exposition in 1929 within the Maria Luisa Park. Today it is mostly used for admin offices, but theres one main reason to visit.

Walk below the gallery to view busts of many important Spanish people plus theres a display area, Using typical Sevillian azulejos (painted tiles) , for each province of Spain.  Like a visual history lesson each province’s story is told on painted tiles.

Click here for a map to the Visit the Plaza de España

Visit the Metropol Parasol

On the corner La Encarnación square you will find a bizzar, waffle shaped wooden beamed building in the centre of  old town. Inside is thearchaeological museum of Roman times and Moorish ruins  Built 2012 by  Mayer-Hermann, a German architect.  The Locals know it as La Seta/The Mushroom and its prominence in the centre of the old town has always been controversial.

Some locals and many visitors  say its look and design is a iconic structure. On the other hand some say it’s an eyesore, but it is without doubt an unmissable attraction in Seville.  Climb to the top for some incredible views across Seville.

So you like Seville? Get your NIE Number today using our easy form at











How to get a NIE Number in Altea, Spain.

Have you just moved to Altea, on the Costa Blanca Spain? Walked around the old town historic quarter and checked out the seafront bars? But, do you have your Spanish NIE Number yet?

What is an Altea NIE Number?

Your Altea NIE Number will start with a letter, followed by seven numbers and another letter in the end (Example: B – 5456543 – E). Your Altea NIE number is unique to you and it is neither transferable nor does it expire. If you live in Altea we will book you into Benidorm Police station for your appointment as its not currently possible to do in Altea.

What will my Altea NIE Number look like?

What your NIE Number in Altea will look like

Your NIE Number will be printed on a A4 certificate and will be issued to you by the police station you visit, normally the same day.

Why do I need a NIE Number in Altea

You will need your Altea NIE Number to:

  • Buy our rent a property
  • Open a bank account
  • work in Altea
  • Connect to the internet or get a telephone contract.
  • Buy land
  • Start a company

How long will I take to get a NIE Number in Altea?

Generally there is not a long wait in the Altea region. We can book you into any of the Alicante Province police stations but generally it will be Denia or Benidorm

How can I get a NIE Number in Altea?

How to get a NIE Number in Altea

Are you ready to apply for your NIE Number in Altea? Click here to visit our home page and order your NIE Number today. 

About Altea

MY NIE checked out the best places in Altea and what there is to do. Check out our guide below.

You don’t need your Spanish NIE Number to enjoy a day out in one of the most beautiful cities along the Costa Blanca  Altea. Altea has about 15000 inhabitants.

Where is Altea?

Altea is located about 15km north of the Benidorm area and just south of the beautiful town of  Calpe. Altea is one of the view villages which maintained most of the former fisherman’s village houses of the past.

Altea is Famed for its church, the Nuestra Senora del Consuelo or Virgen de Consuelo in the old town, famed for its blue domed roof, its open of the last places along the Costa Blanca coastline that lets you see into Spain’s Past.  Altea is spit into two parts, the new town and the old town divided by the unattractive N-332 passing through.

Different parts of Altea

On the sea side you have small bars and cafes, ice cream shops and a fantastic new beach. In this area you will also find the Altea Harbour. On the north of the road you have the quant old quarters pointing up to the church on the hill. A visit to Altea without a visit to the old town seems hardly worth while.

Altea sea front

Altea’s sea offers an incomparable setting for the practice of water sports, both on its surface and sea beds. Protected by the Serra Galada Natural park, it provides various snorkelling and diving routes. The shallow seabed’s are easily discovered, and although they aren’t usually paid much attention, they offer a great colourful sea full of numerous harmless fish species which roams the Altea waters.

The good news is you don’t need a Spanish NIE number to enjoy Altea.

With just a diving mask, fins and a snorkel tube, you can witness the colourful spectacle of life and experience the feel of the Altea waters.  You don’t have to be an athlete or be exceptionally fit, and there is no real age limit.  You don’t even have to be a good swimmer, a swim vest can help you float tirelessly on the surface and make safe water excursions.

Sun block is a must in Altea, as time fly’s by when absorbed in such beautiful surrounding, and permits a longer visit to enjoy the contemplation of the precious natural heritage of  Altea’s sea beds.

Still thinking of moving to Altea? Use our easy booking form to get your Spanish NIE Number today!

Internal links

How to get a NIE Number in Malaga

Howe to get a NIE Number in Benidorm

How to get a NIE Number in Valencia

How to get a NIE Number

Im moving to Spain. When should i get my NIE Number?

Moving to Spain? Found a lovely villa to live in and got your self a job, the only thing you may have forgotten is do you have your NIE Number yet?

A NIE number is required to work, buy property, get a phone contract and connect to the internet. So have you for your NIE Number?

Here at MY NIE we are specialists in sorting all the paperwork, and getting you your NIE Number is double quick time.

Head over to our NIE Booking form page and get the ball rolling today. Your new life in Spain is waiting for you!

More information about Spanish NIE Numbers

How can I get a NIE Number in Alicante

How did MYNIE website start? Did we do our own NIE Numbers? was commissioned in early 2017. When we moved to Spain the list of jobs to do seemed endless. Getting our NIE Numbers was a priority for us.

We read up online how to fill in the forms and make the online appointment for our NIE Numbers at the police station. We were still baffled and to be quite honest didn’t have a clue what we was doing. In the end we paid £210 for a solicitor to do the paperwork and book our appointment.  Although costly, at the time this was a god send and we really appreciated the help.

After living on the Costa Blanca in Spain for a few months we released just how many British people moving to Spain had the same problem. Passing on our wisdom and telling people how to fill in the forms and book the appointment seemed to confuse people more.

There are many websites on the internet offering NIE Numbers, and some can be very costly. The highest price we have heard anyone pay is £300 per booking. This is extortion at best.  We have tried to balance the cost of running our website with a sensible price for our service. We Charge £20 which covers our overheads and the running and development side of the website.

Need your NIE Number today? Use our Fast booking form at

Need a NIE Number in Benidorm?

Need more information about us? Read our NIE Number press release


How to get a NIE Number in Malaga

Congratulations on moving to Malaga! Your new life in the sun is almost set and ready to go. But have you got your Spanish NIE Number?

You will need a NIE Number in Malaga to open a bank account, rent or buy a property, connect to internet or get a contract phone in Spain.

All area’s of Malaga require you to have a NIE Number, including: Marbella, Malaga central, Estepona, Mijas, Ronda, Fuengirola, Nerja, Benalmadena, Torremolinos, Antequera, Torrox, Velez Malaga, Manilva, Benahavis, Frigiliana, Casares.

How our NIE Number service works

Malaga NIE Number logo
Spains Number 1 NIE Number service

By completing just one simple form on our website we are able to provide all your required paperwork and make your NIE Number appointment at the police station.

Your only task will be to arrive at the police station you are designated on the correct date and time and show your passport to collect your NIE Number.

Click here to read more about our NIE Number service for the Malaga area

More about Malaga

Here at MY NIE Number we like to go traveling around. This week we visited Malaga. Check out our guide below for useful tips for holidaying or living in Malaga.


You dont need a Spanish NIE Number to visit Malaga.  Malaga is a Spanish City on the Costa del Sol on the Mediterranean sea, in a region called Andalucía in the South of the country. The popular tourist resort is  the 6th Most popular city and Spain and the second most popular city in its province of Andalucía. Tourism is hugely import for the economy in Malaga.

Famous as the birth place of Artist Picasso and for its fine Architectural assets, Malaga also boasts impressive Mediterranean cuisine, fine Spanish wines and some of the beast beaches in the world.

Attractions in Malaga

The city of Malaga is its own little world of magic and you don’t need your Spanish NIE Number to discover it. It was once described by the famous poet Vicente Aleixandre as ‘paradise between the sky and the earth’.

Malaga has 3 main beaches to visit, Torremolinos Beach, El Palo Beach and La Caleta Beach. The weather is generally good and is sun drenched most of the year.

It has numerous parks, including the Malaga Park, Crocodile Park and the Montes de Malaga Natural Parke. Malaga also boasts interesting landmarks and plenty of places for sightseeing which makes it an ideal place to spend a family vacation. You wont need a Spanish NIE Number to visit any of Malaga’s theme parks.

Transport in Malaga

Public transport in Malaga is world renowned, comfortable and safe. In the main city centre you can find basically all the main sights by walking, as they are all mostly found around the historic old town. You wont need your Spanish NIE number to jump on a bus or hail a taxi.

The main bus station in Malaga can be found next to Malaga train station. This is where busses to many places in the whole province can be found.  Malaga’s  buses run from 6:45 AM to 23:00 PM. There are also 3 night buses in the summer to help you get home after a few drinks or a night at the theatre.

Malaga’s train service is run by RENFE, which is the main Spanish Railway Company. In many of Malaga’s new train Stations such as  Maria Zambrano, travellers can purchase train tickets to most places in Spain including Seville, Madrid and Alicante. The central train station boasts an enormous underground carpark and a shopping centre.

Hotels in Malaga

Malaga offers a wide range of hotels and accommodation to suit all budgets. Click here to book a hotel in Malaga.

Would you like more information about obtaining your Spanish NIE Number in Malaga? Give us a call or use our live help to contact us!

Need more information about getting your NIE Number?

While your in Malaga why not take one of the Many Tapas tours? You wont need a NIE Number and its tasty!

In the main Tapas tour you visit 4 of malagas most famous tapas resturants on a 3 hour tour, tasting upto 20 different plates of tapas, of course all served up with a large glass of wine or a chilled Mahou beer.

Benefits of going on a Tapas tour

-Excellent value for money
-Free drinks included
-Free snacks included

You Meet your tapas guide near Plaza de la Constitución in the central area  Malaga. Your guide will then walk you to your first tapas bar of the evening.

As you walk along the streets of Malaga, your Tapas guide will chat to you about Spanish foods and the surge in popularity for tapas all over the world.

While the best place to eat tapas is a subject of strong debate, It is well thought that Malaga  is one of the best places to discover it.

Tapas bars in Malaga are often packed out, but that’s part of the fun! volley for space with the locals and follow the tapas etiquette of your tour guide. Dishes served each evening will vary, but you can expect up to 20 different Tapas from four different resturants.

Here at MY NIE Number Spain we like to meet some of our Valued customers. This week we met up with John and Sandra Bradshaw who moved to Malaga to open a tapas bar.

Q: How are you finding Malaga and how did you get your Spanish NIE Number?

A: We love Malaga. It was a bit of a struggle to start with the get used to the Spanish way of life. The banks closing at 1pm does not help when your running a business.  We used the my NIE number website because we found it cheap and easy to use. We put our details including our passport numbers and Spanish address into the NIE Number booking form and woke up the next day to find our appointments had been made and we had all our paper work filled out.

Q: Would you recommend our NIE Number booking service to other people and your Friends?

A: Yes we would 100% recommend your NIE Number booking service to all our friends in Spain. We found it so simple and easy to use. The Spanish NIE Number booking form was so simple because it was in clear and simple English, No Spanish was required so that was great as we speak very little Spanish Language.

How to get a NIE Number in Marbella

How to get a NIE NIE Number in Tenerife

How to get a NIE Number in Benidorm 

How to get a NIE Number in Madrid

How to get a Digital Certificate in Spain

How do i get a Spanish NIE Number?

Here at MY NIE we would like to take a few moments to answer all your Spanish NIE Number Questions. If you need your NIE Number why not visit our home page and read more. Get your NIE Number appointment in 24hrs.

So, What is a Spanish NIE Number and why do I need one?

A NIE is a Tax Identification Number in mainland Spain.  In Spain it is commonly known as the Número de identidad de extranjero.  Spanish NIE Numbers have recently been linked to your recidency so the number will also show on your tarjeta de residencia. The number is issued by the Police in Spain.

You will need your Spanish NIE Number to buy a house, rent a flat, connect to services such as water, electricity and internet and for getting a work contract.

What does a NIE Number look like?

You NIE Number is made up of a letter followed by seven numbers followed by another letter.  If you obtained your number before July 2008 the starting letter will be an X and the end letter a Y. Your NIE Number is required to buy a property, boat or car and is required when you start working or claiming benefits.

Do I get a NIE Number Card?

No. Despite common misconceptions that you get a NIE Card your number will actually be given to you on a piece of A4 Paper stamped by the Police. See an example of a Spanish NIE Number below.

Spanish NIE Number
This is what your Spanish NIE Number will look like

Although commonly called the NIE Number card you will in fact receive your NIE Number on an A4 piece of paper which will be stamped by the Local police.  It will also include your date of birth, nationality and a signature.

How do I apply for my NIE Number?

You have various choices on how to get your Spanish NIE Number. You can use our service at, you can fill in the paperwork your self and make your own appointment or you Ask your solicitor to do it for you. The system MY NIE uses is the cheapest way to ensure all the paperwork is in proper order.

I don’t have an address in Spain. Can I still get my NIE Number?

When you apply for your Spanish NIE Number you will be required to give a Spanish address. This does not have to be a permanent address, for example a hotel address can be used. As mail is sent to this address occasionally its best to change your address once you get settled.

I don’t have a Spanish telephone number. Can I still get a NIE Number

Yes, no problem! Just let us know on our fast booking form and we will sort it out.

A man in a bar told me I can just walk into any police station and get a NIE Number. Is this true?

If only life was this simple…. In times gone by possibly this may have been the case in Small towns and villages, but with the number of people moving to Spain the Spanish brought in a streamlined booking system. We can say with 99% certainty that you will not get your NIE Number without an appointment.

Do I have to make an appointment to get my Spanish NIE Number?

Yes, in most area’s of Spain you now have to make an appointment to obtain your NIE Number from the local police station.  You can make this appointment your self or let us at MY NIE do the hard work, book it and do the paperwork for you.

I’ve Lost my Spanish NIE Number

If you have lost your Spanish NIE Number unfortunately the system is the same as applying for a new NIE Number. You will need an appointment at the police station and will need to fill in all the forms again. Here at MY NIE we are able to do all that for you.  Its helpful if you either know your NIE Number or have a copy of the certificate available. If in the unlikely event you go to the police station and they are unable to find you registered on there system you will have to apply again for a new number.

What do I do when I get to the police station to get my NIE Number?

On the morning of your appointment you will generally be required to attend the Police Station by 9.30am. Even with the new booking system the police only issue a certain number of NIE Certificates a day so its best to not be late. The wait can sometimes be long, so we recommend you take a book or magazine.

How do I know what police station to go to for my NIE Number?

Once we have made your booking we will email you over all your paperwork. This email will have a Google Maps links to the police station you are required to attend to obtain your NIE Number.

How many Copies of the NIE Number documents do I need to print off?

We recommend you print off 3 copies of each NIE Number document.

Do I need to pay a tax/fee to get my Spanish NIE Number?

Yes, you will need to take form 790 (which we will send you) to a local bank and pay the current fee of around 9.75. The bank will stamp your copy and you take this with you to the police station.

Will I be given my NIE Number certificate straight away?

Its unlikely. You may be asked to come back latter in the day or possibly another day to collect your NIE number Certificate. Please remember to take your passport/ID with you as without this you will not be given your Certificate.

What does NIE stand for?

NIE stands for ‘Tax Identification Number’ and is used for all official dealings in Spain.

Do I need a Spanish NIE Number to drive a car in Spain.

No, you can drive your car from England and drive a hire car in Spain. You will need a Spanish NIE Number to buy and insure a car in Spain though.

What area’s of Spain can MY NIE get me a NIE Number?

MY NIE is based in the area between Calpe and Alicante. However we can sort the paperwork for you and book your appointment anywhere in mainland Spain.

I’ve tried to phone MY NIE and get an answer phone. What can I do?

Unfortunately the area of Spain we are in has intermittent telephone signal. Some time, but very rarely this means you wont be able to call us. The very quickest way to contact us is via our live help or send us an email via our contact us page. We will get back to you as soon as possible.








How to get a NIE Number in Madrid

NIE Number in Madrid
Getting your NIE Number in Madrid is easy with our online NIE Number service

Have you just moved to Madrid? Been offered work or looking to buy property? The first thing you will need is a Spanish NIE Number in Madrid. Here at MY NIE Number we like to make life easy.

Need your Spanish NIE Number today in Madrid?

Click here to read about our NIE Number service for Madrid

Use our easy NIE Number booking form to fill out your details, we will then in turn fill out all your paperwork and book your appointment at the police station. You will have your NIE Number appointment booked in Madrid and your paperwork completed within 24hrs. You will have your NIE Number appointment in Madrid in place within 24hrs.

All you have to do is turn up on the appointment date at the Madrid Police Station and hand in your NIE Number paperwork.

Your Spanish NIE Number Madrid will be available a few hours latter.

Getting a NIE Number in Madrid
We can help you get your NIE Number in Madrid Fast

Here at MY NIE Number Spain we like to go traveling. We have put together our top tips for things to do once you have your Spanish NIE number. We hope you enjoy our guide.

Madrid, located in the Iberian Peninsula, surrounded by mountains and natural parks,  is the Spanish Capital city, and home to the Spanish Royal Family and the Spanish Government. These days Madrid is the economical and industrial centre point of Spain with a population approaching 3.4 million People.

Madrid is connected to all major Spanish towns and cities by requent train, road and air routes.  Madrid is a Large city with several police stations so getting your NIE Number in Madrid is reasonably quick process.

Trains in Madrid

You dont need a Spanish NIE Number to hop on a train to Madrid. Trains are great way to get to any town and city in Europe. Main towns have at least one   railway station, with Large cities normaly having more than two. Nearly all railway stations are located in the city centre. The three main Railway stations in Madrid are: Madrid Atocha, Madrid Chamartin and Marid Princi Pio.  You can also get a Direct services from Madrid to France , Paris and Portugal.  A tipical trip from Barcelona to Madrid takes 2 hrs 45 mins.

There are two main companies running train services in Madrid. Ave, is a high speed train traveling at up to 200kmph. While this service may currently be expensive you can save heaps of time. A typical trip from Madrid to Benidorm can take up to 4hrs in a car while its only 75 minutes on the fast Ave Train.

The regional trains in madrid are somewhat slower but also cheaper.  Known locally at Cercanias, the trains run frecuently and are very cheap. If you wish to visit the outlying areas of Madrid cheaply this is the way to do it .

What’s the Weather like in Madrid?

Madrid Weather Chart NIE Number
You don’t need your Spanish NIE Number in Madrid to enjoy the weather.

You wont need your Spanish NIE Number to Visit Madrid . The weather in madrid is variable depending on the time of year. In summer it can easiliy hit the mid eighty’s but be warned in the winter it can also easily drop to just above freezing with temperatures of 4 degrees in the deep winter. Check the weather in Madrid 

Attractions and things to do in Madrid

Do I need a NIE Number to visit Madrid’s many attractions? No! Madrid has a lot of fun, interesting attractions to visit. Madrid offers attractions that are both Cultural, like churches and the royal palace, to fun like its many theme parks and shopping centres.

Madrid is famed for its many Monuments and buildings like the royal palaces, Plaza Mayor and its countless statues. Madrid houses an extensive Art collection and Museums with works by Picasso and Velazquez.

Visit Madrid’s Royal Palaces (You do not need a MARDID NIE NUMBER to do this)

nie number not required to visit the royal palaces in madrid

The Royal Palace in Madrid, made up of 135,000 square metres (1,450,000 sq ft) of floor space and contains 3,418 rooms is the official home of the Spanish Royal Family, but in reality it is only used for state ceremonies and entertaining purposes. Its the largest royal palace in Europe based on floor space.

The Spanish Royal family actually live in the Palace of Zarzuela on the outskirts of Madrid. For an admission fee of 11 Euros you have  a tour around the palace and its grand rooms.

If you like to explore the more wild side of Madrid you will find two huge theme parks: Warner Brothers park and Parque De Atracciones. Theres also non stop parades, fiestas and markets to explore.

Like Sport? Well you don’t need a Spanish NIE Number to partake in sport in Madrid.  Madrid can offer you all different types of sport from skiing to golf as well as many international sporting events such as football and rugby.

If you like hitting the town at night and boozing it up, Madrid has a very unqiue nightlife scene throughout the whole week and all year round. You can go out for a tapa (A traditional Spanish snack), take a bite at a very nice restaurants, visit a cinema or  theatres, or find nearly any type of bar or disco. The good news….You don’t need a NIE Number in Madrid to enjoy the night life!

If you fancy seeing Madrid from up high it has its very own cable car system, known locally as the el Teleférico. The cable cars were originally built to ferry customers to Parque de Atracciones theme park. You get on at the Paseo del Pintor, which is located on Rosales street, not far from the Argüelles Metro station. The trip takes you high over the River Manzanares and into the Casa de Campo Natural Park. (As my NIE Number wrote this article the cable car was closed for repair with no set date to reopen)

You dont need a NIE Number in Madrid to go on the cable car
Madrids cable car is a great attraction for anyone looking for a Cheap NIE number in Madrid

Need your NIE Number in Madrid Fast?

Getting your NIE Number in Madrid fast is our Job! Visit our NIE Number Madrid booking form today and get your official NIE Number fast. Click here to read more about getting your NIE Number fast.

Thank you will Like Madrid? Think you want to work in Madrid and need your Spanish NIE Number? Use our easy booking form to order our service today.

Some common NIE Number questions our Experts get asked

Q: I’m moving to Madrid with my Children. Do they need a NIE Number in Madrid?

Children playing football with a NIE Number

A: Its very unlikely your child (under 14) will ever be asked to show their NIE Number for official reasons. However, if you do require a NIE Number in Madrid for any reason we can sort this out for you. Click here to read more about getting your Child a NIE Number in Madrid.

Q: If I get a NIE Number in Madrid will it expire?


A: NIE numbers issued after 2016 no longer have an expiration date.  If your number was issued before 2016 and has now expired you will need to make a new booking at the Madrid police station and get a new NIE Number. Click here to read more about NIE Numbers that Expire.

Q: Can I open a Bank Account in Madrid without a NIE Number?

Santander bank account spain no NIE Number needed.
You don’t need a Spanish NIE Number to open a Santander Bank account in Spain

A: Most banks in Madrid will open you a bank account without your NIE Number Madrid. However, to obtain other services such as mortgages, loans and credit cards you will need to have a NIE Number. Read more about opening a bank account in Spain without a NIE Number

Q: I need my NIE Number in Madrid Fast. Can you help?

fast chart to get your nie number in spain
Need your NIE Number FAST? visit our booking page today. the sooner you submit your details the faster we can make your appointment.

If you need a Madrid NIE Number fast you have come to the right website. Here at MY NIE NUMBER SPAIN we can get you booked in within 24hrs. Use our simple booking form today.  Read more about getting a NIE Number fast

Q: Can I connect to the internet in Madrid without a NIE Number?

A: Yes, most internet companies will connect you as a non resident, However, having your NIE Number in Madrid makes life much simpler. Read more about the internet and NIE Numbers.

Q:Can I rent an apartment in Madrid if I don’t yet have my NIE Number?

Renting property in Madrid without a NIE Number can sometimes be difficult.

A: This is down to the individual choice of each estate agent company. We suggest you tell them straight away if you don’t have your NIE Number. Read more about renting a property without a NIE Number

Q: I’m an EU Citizen, why can I not work in Madrid without a NIE Number

Being part of the EU means you can work anywhere in Spain

A: Although EU Citizens have the right to work in Madrid under EU Law, they must adhere to local laws. In Madrid this requires that you Obtain a NIE Number. Read more about being a EU Citizen and getting a NIE Number.

Q: Where are the main Police stations in Madrid to apply for a NIE Number?

A: You can not walk into Madrid’s police stations to get a NIE Number without a CITA appointment. Madrid has Police stations spread all across the city so getting a NIE Number appointment near your home should be easy. Search GOOGLE for police stations in Madrid.

Q: Where can I find the NIE Number forms in English in Madrid?

A: NIE Numbers in Madrid have to be applied for using Spanish language forms.  We do not recommend trying to fill in the forms your self unless you have a good grasp of Spanish and the Spanish booking system. Here at MY NIE Number Spain we can fill in all your paperwork for you while you sit back and relax. Read more about NIE Number forms in English.

Q: What does a NIE Number in Madrid Look Like?

A: Your NIE Number in Madrid will be presented to you on a A4 sheet of printed paper. Below is an Example of a Madrid NIE Number certificate:

expire date on nie certificate
What a NIE Number in Madrid looks like.

Get a NIE Number in Benidorm

Get a NIE Number in Barcelona

How to get a NIE Number booking in Malaga

How to get a NIE Number in Alicante

Visit our home page, or use our secure booking form to get your NIE Number Madrid Today!

How to get a NIE Number in Barcelona, Spain

Have you Just moved to Barcelona? Do you need a Barcelona NIE Number for work/studies or to buy/rent a property?

Here at MY NIE getting you your NIE Number is our number one aim.

Click here to get your NIE Number today

What is a Barcelona NIE Number?

Your Barcelona NIE Number (Número de Identificación de Extranjero) is a Spanish tax identification number given by the Spanish Police to any foreigner. You will need it to work, buy property and open a bank account in the Barcelona region of Spain.

What does a Barcelona NIE Number look like?

How to get a NIE Number in Barcelona
This is what your NIE Number in Barcelona look like.

Your Barcelona NIE number will normally start with a letter, followed by seven numbers and another letter in the end (This is how your NIE Number might look: B – 4543432 – Z).

Your NIE number is unique to you and it is neither transferable nor does it expire. Your NIE Number will be issued on a white A4 piece of paper similar to the photo above.

About Barcelona 

Will the weather be nice in Barcelona? Will people understand what I’m saying if I don’t speak spanish? Take a look at the MY NIE practical and useful guide to Barcelona below and you’ll find the answer to  the most commonly asked questions before you even get on the plane.

Catalonia and Barcelona was one of the first tourist destination of Spain, it has everything to please most people: with a long history among the oldest in Europe, a capital, Barcelona, which never seems to sleeps and an inland full of charm and Charisma not to forget the beaches in La Costa Brava. A huge variety of artistic treasures, the Romanesque, churches and all the greatest names in art and architecture , Dali, Gaudi, Miro, Picasso and more….

How to get a NIE Number in Barcelona How to get a NIE Number in Barcelonas from the police station

Barcelona sits between the Mediterranean sea and the mountains of inland Spain andhas found its self a formidable reputation: a foot in the traditional things and on the other hand the avant-garde. Barcelona is known of being the most cosmopolitan, modern and avant-garde city in Spain and it has renewed for the Olympic Games hosted in 1992. the good news is you don’t need a NIE Number to visit Barcelona.

History of Barcelona guide from MY NIE

The first humans settled in Barcelona in early Neolithic times. The town itself was founded by Romans who set up a town called Barcino at the end of the 1st century. The town had around 800 inhabitants and was walled in by a defensive stone mound, which you can still see today in the old town of Barcelona.

For hundreds of years Barcelona was under a majority Muslim rule, and following the Christian war, it became a county of the Carolingian Empire and one of the main residences of the court of the Crown of Aragon.

The successful medieval period made BBarcelona’s position as the monetary and political centre of the Western world. The Old Quarter shows the splendour enjoyed by the city and its residents from the 12th to the 14th centuries.

From the 14th to 17th centuries Barcelona was in a period of decline, while it struggled to maintain its wealth and political independence from the rest of Spain. The struggle ended in 1679, when Barcelona fell to the Bourbon troops and Catalonia’s and Catalans’ rights and privileges were suppressed.

A time of cultural recovery began in the 19th century with the arrival of the development of the clothes industry. During this period, which was known as the Renaixença, Catalan regained prominence as a literary language. This was a good period for Barcelona and you would not have needed a NIE number in these times.

The 20th century ushered in widespread urban renewal (and the introduction of the NIE Number) throughout Barcelona, culminating in its landmark Eixample district  which shows some of Barcelona’s distinctive Catalan art-nouveau, or modernista  buildings and Churches.

The most famous is the Catalan Antoni Gaudí, the most eminent architects, designed buildings such as the Casa Milà, known as La Pedrera, the Catalan for stone quarry, the Casa Batlló and the Sagrada Família church, which are now world-famous landmarks visited by thousands of tourists each year..

The gains made during this era were restricted during the Civil War in 1936 and the dictatorship. With the reinstatement of democracy in 1978, the Barcelonasociety regained its economic strength and the Catalan language was restored to its former glory. The city’s hosting of the 1992 Olympic Games gave fresh importance to Barcelona’s potential and confirmed its status as a major city.

In 2004, the Forum of Cultures took back industrial areas to convert them into residential towns. An example of the renewed vigour with which Barcelona is looking towards the 21st century

Language in Barcelona. Do I need to speak Spanish to get a NIE number?

Catalonia has its very own language called Catalan. Most of the inhabitants who live in Barcelona are bilingual and speak Catalan and Spanish, which is also an official world recognised language. Some street names and most road and transport signs are in Catalan in Barcelona.

Lots of restaurants, especially those in the main city centre, have menus in several languages. But if there’s something you don’t understand, don’t be afraid to ask people, many will be happy to help. Many people from Barcelona also speak English and French and sometimes German.

Barcelona Customs and Traditions

In Barcelona, and throughout Catalonia region, there are two official languages: Catalan, the language of the Catalans, and Spanish, the official language of Spain. As in most European countries like the UK and also in Catalonia, GMT is the time system used in Barcelona.

The clocks in Barcelona are one hour ahead of GMT in winter and two in summer and are changed twice a year, going forward one hour in winter and back an hour in summer.

Barcelona is in the Eurozone and the euro coin  is its official currency. Foreign currency can be exchanged at banks, or ‘Caixes’ (the opening hours are Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 2pm. Thursday afternoons, 4.30pm to 7.45pm, except June to September) and banks (Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 2pm and Saturday, 8.30am to 1pm, except summer).

The Bureaux de change also open every day in Barcelona city town centre, and at the railway stations and the Estació del Nord bus station and at the Airport, where they have much longer opening times.

The working day in Barcelona usually begins at 8am or 9am in the morning and ends around 6pm or 7pm in the evening, with a one- or two-hour break for lunch at around 2pm. This is the daily life and routine that befits the residents reputation in the rest of Spain as a hard-working and thrifty people.

Lunch and dinner are eaten later than in the rest of Europe. Most restaurants open from 1pm to 4pm, then from 8pm until 11pm. Tipping isn’t obligatory, but people usually leave 5% if they are happy with the service.

Shops have long opening hours, from 10am to 2pm and from 4.30 to 8 or 8.30pm. In Barcelona city centre, most shops don’t close at lunchtime and large shopping centres stay open until 10pm in summer season.

With regard to prices, Barcelona features a huge range of different accommodation, shops and services to suit all budgets.

coffee NIE Number spain
Why not stop off for a Coffee while you wait for your NIE Number

For Example here are some approximate prices in Barcelona: a single public transport ticket costs 2.15€, an coffee between 1 and 1.50€; a lunchtime set menu can cost between 8 and 15€, a cinema ticket 10€; a sandwich 3 to 4€, and a newspaper about 1.30€. Smoking is prohibited in all bars and restaurants in Barcelona like the rest of Europe and the UK.  You do not need a NIE number to be able to buy cigarettes in spain.

Sustainability in Barcelona

Barcelona loves all aspect of sustainability. They were the first city in the world to be awarded Biosphere certification. From environmental and social issues, from mobility to a commitment to sustainable accommodation, when you visit you’ll find pioneering initiatives including alternative waste management, prioritization of bikes and pedestrians, the preservation of parks and beaches, and a commitment to Smart technologies.

Accessibility in Barcelona

Barcelona is a accessible city and offers every facility so that disabled people can enjoy it and visit the iconic sights. Museums adapted for the blind, barrier-free hotels, accessible beaches and parks, and sign-language tours… are some of the options you’ll find on the website Barcelona Access.

Getting around in Barcelona

Barcelonas transport system is making strides in accessibility: acoustic and visual signals at the turnstiles, the location of vending machines by remote control, ticket machines with information in Braille and voice-activated browsing system s, and ramps and lifts providing step-free access are just some of the features available on the metro, buses, railway, trams and the Barcelona Bus Turístic.

At the same time, Barecolna are furthering there commitment to non-polluting and sustainable energies with hybrid taxis and buses.

The Barcelona Bus Tour

Here at MY NIE we think theres nothing better than the hop-on hop-off bus tour to discover a Barcelona! It is a cheap way to make a first connection with its main tourist attractions, without the stress, at your own pace. Barcelona bus tour offers three different and unique routes where no monument or sight seeing event is forgotten.

How does the  bus tour Barcelona hop on hop off work?

MY NIE Barcelona took the tour and have these tips.

The open bus runs through the city on defined routes. These routes stop in front of the main monument in the city. Your ticket allows you to hop on and hop off as many times as you wish throughout the day or for two days if you choose that fare.

100% mobile and skip the line: If you buy your ticket on the  website, it will be mobile, i.e. either printable, to keep on your phone and present to the bus driver. No more waiting lines to get your ticket at a tourist office in the city!
You will receive your ticket by email immediately after purchase.

Your ticket is valid all year round, it will only be activated when it is scanned on the bus. From then on it will be valid for the whole day or for two consecutive days according to your purchase.

The tour includes a free audio guide with headphones : The audio guide included in the ticket price is currently available in 16 different languages (English, Catalan, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Russian, Norwegian, Swedish, Turkish, Dutch).

A city map is available on board.

Free Wifi on board!

Enjoy the presence of an official tour guide on board the bus, he will answer all your questions.

Finally, thanks to the open top floor of the double decker, take all the pictures you want of Barcelona!

Ten Facts about Barcelona your probably didn’t know about….

1. Its founding origins are still in dispute

There are two Spanish legends concerning the establishment of Barcelona. One legend says that it was founded by Hercules, 400 years before the building of Rome. But, according to the other legend, the city was founded in the 3rd century BC by the Carthaginian Hamilcar Barca, father of Hannibal. He named the city Barcino after his family, the Barca family of Carthage. Which one do you believe?

2. Barcelona is considered the “best beach city” in the world

by National Geographic, but their beaches weren’t used for leisure until 1992
Today there are seven beaches with a total of 4.5 km of coastline, but before 1992, Barcelona’s seaside was completely run over by industries, and there existed no beach for the use of the city’s populace and tourism. It wasn’t until the city’s redevelopment for the 1992 Olympic Games that the city moved their industries and converted the seaside area into an exemplary leisure area for locals and tourist alike; including the improvement of two beaches and the creation of five new beaches.

3. Barcelona is to thank for World Book Day. Thank you from MY NIE Barcelona!

Diada de San Jordi (St. Georges Day) is one of the biggest, most widely celebrated festival days in Barcelona which takes place on April 23rd and is a cOn this day, it is a tradition to present your near and dear ones with roses and books. Inspired by this custom, UNESCO declared the day as the International Day of Books.elebration of love and literacy.

4. La Rambla is not just one street… it’s five streets. MY NIE Barcelona went exploring.

La Rambla is probably the most famous street in Barcelona, but in reality, it consists of 5 boulevards –or ramblas– joined to make one long promenade. It starts from Placa Catalunya and ends at the Colombus statue by the waterfront. For this reason, this 2-kilometer long boulevard is also commonly known in plural as Las Ramblas.Thousands of people stroll on Las Ramblas every day and night, where they watch the performing street artists, shop, or sit for a nice meal or coffee.
Las Ramblas is the major center of activities in the city and is undoubtedly the most famous promenade of Barcelona, and probably in all Spain.

5. It is Europe’s largest metropolis on the Mediterranean coast

Also, Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain, after Madrid, and the 11th most populous urban area in the European Union.

6. It is the first city to win a RIBA Royal Gold Medal for its architecture

The Royal Gold Medal for architecture is awarded annually since 1848, by the Royal Institute of British Architects on behalf of the British monarch, in recognition of an individual’s or group’s substantial contribution to international architecture. In 1999, Barcelona became the first and only city, to this date, to receive this honor – instead of an individual architect. And it goes without saying that it is well deserved.

7. Fiestas de la Mercè is the most important festival in Barcelona

The main event of La Mercè is held on the 24th of September each year, and the Festival is held in honor of the Cities Patron Saint and Protector, The Virgin de La Merce. It is an official city holiday since the year 1871.

8. Flamenco is not well known in Barcelona

Even though Spain is well-known for its flamenco dancing, this popular dance is not traditional or well known/practiced in Barcelona or Cataluña. Catalans prefer the more contemporary rock-n-roll scene.

9. The hallmark grid pattern of the city came from a revolutionary utopian master plan

Most of the city of Barcelona was designed by Ildefons Cerdà i Sunyer for the 19th-century extension of the city. The plan, called Eixample, intended to create the perfect environment for Barcelona’s fast-expanding population. He considered traffic and transport along with sunlight and ventilation for the design of his characteristic octagonal blocks, where the streets broaden at every intersection making for greater visibility, better ventilation, and more significant open spaces. In the end, the plan wasn’t built following all the utopian characteristics he envisioned in his plan.

10. Gaudí was not the original architect of Sagrada Familia

Even though La Sagrada Família is one of the major works of Antoní Gaudí, he was not the first architect to be appointed to work on it. Architect Francisco de Paula del Villar was the first one commissioned to design the church. Construction of the crypt of the church was begun March 19, 1882, following Villar’s design. It wasn’t until 1883 when Antoní Gaudí started working on the project. On March 18, 1883, Villar retired from the project, and Gaudí assumed responsibility for its design, which he changed radically.


Getting your NIE Number ‘Cita Previa’ appointment and NIE Number paperwork in Barcelona is easy with our service.

Use our easy English NIE NUMBER BOOKING FORM, and our staff will book your NIE Number appointment in Barcelona, complete your NIE Number forms and email over for you to print.

All you are required to do is attend the police station on the date and time of your appointment, hand in your documents and show your passport.


How to get a NIE Number in Malaga

How to get a NIE Number in Murcia 

How to get a NIE Number in Benidorm/Alicante

How to Get A NIE Number In Benidorm, Spain

NIE Number benidorm
If your Moving to Benidorm to live or work you will need a Spanish NIE Number

Have you just Moved to Benidorm, Spain? Looking for work, or already have work lined up and have been told you need a Benidorm NIE Number? Maybe your moving to Benidorm soon?

Get your Benidorm NIE Number Today!

A NIE Number (Número de Identificación de Extranjero) is your Spanish tax identification number given by the Spanish Police to any foreigner.

Your Spanish NIE number will start with a letter, followed by seven numbers and another letter in the end (an example of how a NIE Number might look: Y – 7654321 – A). Your NIE number is unique to you and it is neither transferable nor does it expire.

Here at MY NIE Number, Spains number one NIE number booking website, we are able to get all your paperwork (EX-15 Form & NIE Number form 790) in place and book your online appointment at the Police Station in Benidorm or Alicante Fast.

Our easy to use, no jargon online booking website and service makes the whole process of Obtaining your Spanish NIE Number easy, fast and most importantly cheap.

Need your NIE Number in Benidorm Fast? Visit our home page


click here to book your NIE Number Benidorm appointment today using our easy English language booking form.

This is What your Spanish NIE Number Benidorm will look like.

More Information About Benidorm from MY NIE NUMBER Benidorm

You don’t need a Benidorm NIE Number to visit on holiday.  Benidorm (Spain’s answer to Blackpool) , who’s hotels boast over 35,000 beds and is catered for by over a thousand restaurants, is a very popular Spanish resort In the of the La Marina Baixa region of Spain, and one of the main Holiday destinations along the Costa Blanca area of Spain.

Benidorm has amazing beaches and a variety of excellent Hotels, Hostels and Bed and Breakfasts. It also boasts amazing restaurants ranging from Traditional fish and chips to high end Paella and seafood joints. Benidorm also offers many recreational activities, including sky diving, water skiing and snorkelling,  meaning it’s a hit with tourists from all over Spain, the UK and Northern Europe all year round.  Benidorm is the perfect place to get your Spanish NIE Number and start working.

Benidorm offers endless possibilities for sun kissed fun, games and recreation and you don’t need a Benidorm NIE Number for any of them!: From taking a nice long walk along the promenade in Altea (get your NIE Number in Altea) , swimming in the crystal clear blue waters off Levante Beach, water sports in its many bays, a boat excursion to the island of Tabarca, or a wander through Benidorm’s historic old town, perched on a rocky outlet, the old town is in great contrast to the wide avenues of the main tourist and commercial area of the town.

Then there’s the Many local cultural festivals which seem to span every weekend in the summer, beautiful Foods and great shopping such as at La Marina. It is indeed one of the Costa Blanca’s biggest tourist attractions. With its Hiwian style white beaches, crystal blue waters, all year round climate and great infrastructure have all gone to give Benidorm have granted this region. Also equipped with a great infrastructure of high-quality services its well-deserved its fame and fortune. If your thinking of Moving to Benidorm to Live, the first thing you will need is a Benidorm NIE Number for tax reasons.  Until you have this number its unlikely you will be able to get a job.

Benidorm, even without a NIE Number,  is what you want it to be: full of fun, with a fantastic nightlife, but it  also allows peace and tranquillity with its charming rock gardens and secluded coves. Truly a place with something for everyone, it’s no wonder it’s so popular. Bars and restaurants are a plenty, as are nightlight and some more ‘interesting’ places that would suit Stag Parties.

Do I need a Benidorm NIE Number to play Golf?

You don’t need your Benidorm NIE Number to play golf in Benidorm. There are numerous top quality golf courses in and around the Benidorm area offering a good challenge to the serious, casual and new golfer alike.

Should I get a NIE Number Benidorm to go to the Beach?

You Certainly don’t need a NIE Number Benidorm to visit the Beach! Without doubt, the beaches are Benidorm’s main attractions. A 5km stretch of golden white sand coastline, intermingled with coves where you can enjoy a revitalising swim, as well as take part in water sports, like scuba diving, water skiing, windsurfing and sailing.

To the north of Benidorm  harbour, Levante beach is one of the most beautiful in the town. As a result of its location, it has easy access to many places and hotels, as well as 2km of fine white sands. These beautiful sands are joined by a busy promenade, filled with terraces, Bars and restaurants, which are very lively at night.

To the south of the Benidorm, you find the beautiful Poniente beach, where 3km of beautiful scenery, hills and mountains can be found. You can also find the cross on top of the hill here. Like the Levante beach, Poniente has a great promenade and is accessible and convenient, with many facilities at hand.

Lavante beach NIE NUMBER Benidorm
You don’t need your Spanish NIE Number to enjoy Lavante Beach in Benidorm

Between the Lavante and Poniente beaches, is a small beach called the Mal Pas cove. A calming cove of golden sands, close to the historic old town and the harbour. Removed from the main centre, these hidden natural coves and beaches allow the visitor to escape from the hustle bustle of the city and enjoy scuba-diving around the magnificent, rocky seabed.

No NIE Number Benidorm  required to explore the towns rich history.

You don’t need a NIE Benidorm Number to enjoy the History of Benidorm. Benidorm’s historic centre is located on a rocky outlet, between the two main beaches – Levante and Poniente. This is the birthplace of Benidorm, a primitive fishing town, dominated by the church of San Jaime on the Hill.

Built in the mid 18th century, its blue tiled domes rise among an intricate network of narrow roads and alleyways, filled with beautiful little corners, shops and bars. The top of the Canfali hills lead to the Balcony of the Mediterranean, a amazing viewpoint that presents a stunning panoramic view of the sea’s around Benidorm.

Modern Benidorm

Do I need a NIE Number Benidorm to visit modern Benidorm? No! On either side of the Old Town lay wide avenues and shopping streets that make up the rather more modern side of Benidorm. The Town, dependant on the tourist market, offers a range of services including hotels, restaurants, large shopping areas, discos and party pubs and terraces.

Leisure & recreation in Benidorm

A NIE Number Benidorm is not needed for recreation in Benidorm. Benidorm’s recreational offerings are endless. From choosing to take a walk along the promenade or visiting the nearby park of L’Aigüera, to a Brilliant day in the Mediterranean Theme Park called Terra Mítica (famous for its wooden roller coaster). The city also has a number of sports centres, including a scuba Diving School and several swimming schools.

Excursions in Benidorm

Do I need a Benidorm NIE Number to go on an Excursion? No. Boat excursions to Benidorms  little island – located in middle between  Levante and Poniente– depart from the harbour every hour. It is thought Legend has it that the island is a piece of rock from nearby Mount Campana that brave Roland severed with his sword during the expeditions of Charlemagne. The diverse seabed makes it a scuba-diving paradise with many Ship Wrecks.  If the theme parks don’t float your boat you can always go on a blanket tour. Called a blanked tour because the trip is free but they generally try to sell you a duvet or a blanket…. But Great for a free day out.

GO Carting in Benidorm

NIE Number Benidorm GO CARTING
You don’t need your Spanish NIE Number in Benidorm to go go carting

Benidorm Go Carting (you wont need  a NIE Number to go here), Open from 10pm to 7pm daily the Benidorm go carting track is a popular attraction. Located just 10 minutes from Benidorm town centre on the Avenida de la Comunitat. See map below:

Food in Benidorm

You certainly don’t need a NIE Number Benidorm to visit its great restaurants. Seafood such as prawns and lobster, and rice dishes are the base of the local menu’s. Paella is one of the main dishes, as are shellfish, grilled fish, fried, stewed, or in Benidorm soup.

Garlic and olive oil are the main ingredients of ali-oli sauce, which accompanies many dishes and for dessert lovers, try a almond cake, turrón or home-made ice cream. A range of different ice creams have sprung up in recent years, including gin and tonic and Chocolate mint.

Wines, with Designation of Origin – Alicante (the prestigious seal of quality and origin given in Spain to select wines and products) should certainly be tried. Misteleta (a sweet dessert wine)  and horchata (a drink made from tiger nuts, the sort that grows on Trees), are both typical of the region.

Fiesta in Benidorm

Benidorm is one of the worlds happiest and festive town; the local holidays honour the Virgin of Sufragio and Saint James the Apostle. The party begins on the second Sunday of November and offer a varied programme, including floats, theatre performances, and a fireworks Display. You do not need your NIE Number to enjoy the Benidorm Fiestas.

A couple of days later, the Fiesta de la Carxofa – a  traditional affair – takes place in the Old Town. Other celebrations worth mentioning are the Bonfires of San Juan and the Muslims and Christians festivities, both in June.

Surrounding areas of Benidorm

The outskirts of Benidorm are a beautiful area to visit. To the north of Benidorm, the terrain becomes rough, with sierras and cliffs all the way into the sea. In this area lay the towns of Alfàs del Pi, and Altea.  If your living in either Alfaz De Pi, Altea or Albir and need your NIE Number your nearest police station will be Benidorm.

In addition, next to the Peñón de Ifach Nature Reserve is the town of Calpe, a amazing town that has mixed the conservation of its monumental heritage with its increasing tourism market. If your thinking of moving to Calpe and need your NIE Number again, your nearest Police station will be Benidorm.

To the south of Benidorm you find the tiny town of Villajoyosa, the capital of Marina Baja. Crossing the Sierra Aitana, the northern interior provides an interesting journey through Cocentaina, an important town in medieval history, and Alcoy, a place made famous for its Muslim and Christian festivals. For this reason it was declared a place of ‘International Touristic Interest’. If you thinking of starting a business or moving to Vilajoyosa you will need your NIE Number. Our staff will be happy to book you into Benidorm police station to get your NIE Number today.

Finally, in the Alicante Mountains we recommend a visit to the Carracal de la Font Roja Nature Reserve.

Climate in Benidorm

Benidorm NIE Number weather chart
You don’t need your Spanish NIE Number in Benidorm to enjoy the good weather

So you have your NIE Number in Benidorm. What’s the weather like?  Its hot all year around so Getting your NIE Number is an advantage. Benidorm benefits from a temperate climate all year round. Cooled by sea breezes from excessive heat in the summer, and remaining mild throughout the winter.

The my NIE Number Spain favouite photo of Benidorm

How to get a NIE Number in Benidorm
Get your NIE Number in Benidorm

Visit the Benidorm Gay Area

You wont need your Spanish NIE Number in Benidorm to visit the old town and the Gay Area.  Benidorm has a very vibrant Gay Scene with the Gay nightlife mainly concentrated in the streets of the Old Town between Levante and Pointe beach. Some great bars to visit include Casper’s, Mercury and West end show bar.

Pet Shops Benidorm that you don’t need a NIE Number to go to

Like Pet Shops? Benidorm is a pet lovers paradise with pet shops on most roads. From small fluffy puppies to huge parrots and snakes a Pet lovers paradise is on every corner. nb: MY NIE Number Spain does not recommend buying a puppy from a pet shop IN Benidorm. You should always see it with its mother.

5 Interesting Benidorm Facts!

1.) Benidorm was unsurprisingly Spain’s first seaside resort for package holidays when the then mayor, Pedro Zaragoza decided to transform the sleepy fishing village of the 1950’s into a major tourist holiday resort. He allowed bikinis on the beach and 7 decades later the town attracts more than 7m visitors a year. When Pedro Zaragoza was in power the NIE Number didn’t exist.

2.) Benidorm’s traditional drink of Horchata is not actually Spanish but was brought to the country by Muslims centuries ago. With its ingredients of Tiger nuts, sugar and water you can buy it in supermarkets or sample the real stuff at many cafes.

3.)There are two main beaches at Benidorm; Levante in the new town and Poniente in the old town. You don’t need a Spanish NIE Number to visit either of these beaches.

4.)The Met Office considers Benidorm to have one of the best climates in the world health wise thanks to its warm temperatures, low rainfall and clean air. Those with Asthma and Arthritis is particular will feel the benefits of life in this area.

5.) Only Milan and London boast more skyscrapers than Benidorm. The Gran Hotel Bali is the tallest hotel in Europe standing at 186m high.

Here at my NIE Number we like to get out and meet our customers. Today we meet Darren and Steve who opened a bar in the old town of Benidorm in March 2017. We decided to ask them how they found our service and any improvements we could make.

NIE Number Benidorm Reviews

Darren and Steve get thier NIE Number in Benidorm

Q: What was your experience of getting your NIE Number in Benidorm Spain Like? How did you hear about our service?

A: We was recommended to MY NIE Number by a friend of ours who saw the service advertised on Facebook.  We was really happy with the service. We put our details into the online NIE Number booking website and within a few hours we had a call with a date and time to attend the police station.

Q: Would you recommend our NIE Number service to other people in Benidorm?

A: Yes, absolutely. we found your online NIE Number Benidorm service really quick, useful and the jargon free guide you sent us really helpful.

Q: Do you think there are any improvements we can make to our NIE Number service for the Benidorm Region?

A: The only bit we found complicated was paying the NIE Number tax at the bank. Maybe some more details about that would be good. Read more about what does a NIE Number cost.

How to pay your NIE Number Tax.

Response: Thank you for your feed back on that matter. We have now made changes to our eBook information about NIE Numbers so it makes the system of paying the tax at the bank simple. How to pay your NIE Number Tax.

Q: Would you recommend our NIE Number service to other people?

A: Yes we would. We have a lot of people visit the bar who have just moved to Benidorm we tell them all the time about your service

Response: Thank you guys! Very Much appreciated 🙂

More Customer reviews who got their NIE Number in Benidorm, Spain.


Richard and Jackie moved to Benidorm to open a Café/Florist in the Old town. They needed their NIE Number in Benidorm but didn’t know where to go. They came to us and we had them booked into the police station and their NIE Number paperwork completed in no time. They Said:

When we first moved to Benidorm we had no clue that we needed to get a NIE Number. We went to the police station and they told us we had to make a NIE Number appointment online.

We found your service on Google and couldn’t have been happier. We was booked into our NIE Number appointment in Benidorm the next week and had our NIE Number certificate within a week. We would highly recommend you to our friends and customers.

More NIE Number Benidorm Information from our NIE Number Expert Lisa Hill

Q: I live in Benidorm but I have lost my NIE Number certificate can you get me a replacement?

A: Getting a replacement NIE Number certificate in Benidorm is unfortunately the same procedure as getting a new NIE Number. You will need a CITA PRIVA appointment and need to complete all the necessary paperwork. Our NIE Number blog has lots of information on Lost NIE Numbers

Q: Do I need to take passport photo’s with me for my NIE Number appointment in Benidorm?

A: Yes, you will need to take two passport sized photos to your appointment. Read more about passport photos and NIE Number appointments on our blog.

Q: I’m a EU Citizen, why do I need a NIE Number to work in Benidorm?

A: Even as an EU citizen you will still need a NIE Number to work, buy property or obtain some services in Benidorm. Our friendly team can get your appointment sorted today. Visit our home page or book today using our simple form. Click here to read more about NIE Numbers for EU Citizens.

Q: I need my NIE Number in Benidorm really FAST. Can you help me?

A: Yes, our friendly staff can help you get your NIE Number in Benidorm in the shortest amount of time. We are Experts at getting your NIE Number paperwork completed fast. Click here to read more about getting your NIE Number fast.

Q: I want to fill in the NIE Number forms and book the appointment my self. Can you send me translated NIE Number forms?

A: Unless you have a good grasp of written Spanish and some understanding of the Spanish CITA PRIEVIA booking system we do not recommend attempting to complete the paperwork your self.  Time and again we hear stories of people who have attempted to do this their self, made mistakes and been sent away from their NIE Number appointment in Benidorm without their certificate.

Please be aware that English translated NIE Number forms will not be accepted at Benidorm Police Station. Read more about English Translated NIE Number forms.

Q: Will my NIE Number from Benidorm Police station Expire?

A: NIE Number certificates issued at Benidorm police station after 2016 will no longer have an expiry date. Your number will be with you for life and will not change. Read more about do NIE Numbers Expire on our blog.

Q: I’m moving to Benidorm with my Children. Do they need a NIE Number?

A: Its highly unlikely that your child will be asked for a NIE Number in Benidorm. However we have heard from people that some private schools in the Benidorm area have asked for a NIE Number from Children. If you require a NIE Number Benidorm for a child please let us know. Read more about NIE Numbers for Children in Spain.

Q: I’m living in Benidorm. Do I need a NIE Number to connect to the internet?

A: Most internet companies in Benidorm will connect you without a NIE Number. However, having a NIE Number makes life in Benidorm much simpler. Use our easy English Language booking form today to get yours. Read more about connecting to the internet in Spain without a NIE Number.

Q: How do I find the Benidorm Police station when I have my NIE Number appointment?

A: Once you have made your NIE Number booking with us and we have booked your appointment at Benidorm Police station we will send you all the information you need in email form. A link with directions from your home to the Benidorm Police station will be included. Goggle Maps Link Below:

The Police station Address is: Carrer Apolo XI, 31 Tel: 965 85 88 92

Q: Will Brexit affect my NIE Number in Benidorm?

A: If you obtain your NIE Number pre-Brexit you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. Read more about Brexit and NIE Numbers on our Blog.

Q: Is a NIE Number Benidorm a Legal requirement?

A: If your planning on working in Benidorm, or intend to stay for longer than 3 months you will need a NIE Number. Check out our home page to find out how you can get your Benidorm NIE Number today. Or read more about legal requirement NIE Numbers.

Q: What is the cost of getting my NIE Number Benidorm?

A: Here at MY NIE Number Spain we have a flat cost of £20 to obtain your NIE Number in Benidorm. This includes filling in all the NIE NUMBER BENIDORM FORMS, and booking your Appointment at the Police Station.  Once you have filled out our easy booking form you should be booked in within 24hrs.

Q: I’ve been refused a NIE Number in Benidorm. What can I do?

A: In the unlikely event that you are refused a NIE Number appointment in Benidorm our NIE Number experts can advice you more on what else you may need to take with you and book you a new appointment free of Charge. Read more about being refused a NIE Number.

Our Favourite Benidorm Photo:

A photo of benidorm

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